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*** Notice ***

Beauty's Castle is Hosting its 2006 Benefit* Auction on September 23, 2006 at 12:00pm EST in the Castle's Public Square..

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Be it Known before All, that the intrepid souls listed Below, have Freely offered themselves for Sale $$ On The Block! They will be auctioned to the Highest Bidders on Auction Day, for the Delight and Pleasure of those Esteemed Citizens & visitors of the Castle, who wish to Own them for a time!
(deep blue sparkling gaze)

The Hot List!
** Human Chattel for Sale!!!(wicked gaze) **

The current list of daring Souls "On The Block":
...Sees how Few in this Land have the ~Guts~ to be lead upon THE BLOCK!...

(Click on a handle to see their Bio!)

  • exhibit - SOLD to Mystress AlaskaPrincess
  • The Hot One - SOLD to Obsession
  • just_ian - no info
  • Kiwi Boy - SOLD to Akira
  • Lando - SOLD to *nymph*
  • lil~sage - SOLD to Darkfire
  • lil`cuntesa - SOLD to Pimp Daddy
  • Mystress AlaskaPrincess - SOLD to *nymph*
  • MasterWolf - SOLD to *nymph*
  • renee - SOLD to Mystress AlaskaPrincess
  • shaylynn - SOLD to Mystress AlaskaPrincess
  • subalex - no show
  • taz - SOLD to Tinsel
  • vermillion - no info
  • Whore - SOLD to Mystress AlaskaPrincess
  • zayn - SOLD to Mystress AlaskaPrincess

  • No Further entries are allowed at this time. However, Current Chattel may Update their Bios by clicking * Here *.

    The Gold List!
    ** Those who own Castle Coinage **

    The current list of Honored & Esteemed Bidders:

    (All bidders will get to vote on the Top chattel for sale, deciding, IF necessary, which ones will make the Final Cut and be placed "on the block" on September 23, 2006. After all, we can only auction off ~20 or so of the delicious souls listed above!)

  • Akira
  • aneesh{NOL}
  • Darkfire
  • Father Rafa
  • firestorm
  • Kristian
  • Lando
  • marie-chantal
  • Mystress AlaskaPrincess
  • nymph
  • Scarlet~
  • Spellbound |is| Heather
  • sunshine{Dillon}
  • The Slayer
  • {His} tender poison
  • Tinsel

  • Become one of the Lucky Bidders and buy your favorite 'toy' by clicking
    * Here *.

    * The Auction "benefits" the Castle itself. Why? Because we are and always have been a "work of the heart" and were never here to "make $", rather we hoped to form an Intelligent and Open Community and have it be based on principles higher than the "$", which would by nature force us to appeal to the "lowest common denominator". Citizenships and the public Ads do not nearly cover our monthly costs: hosting, bandwidth, equipment maintenance, occasional upgrades, or Any time spent Administrating the the Castle itself. Therefore, any proceeds will go towards the Castle's Maintenance and Equipment upgrades. But the REAL point of the Auction is to have... FUN!

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