For those who have chosen to make the Castle their Home...
(bright warm sparkling gaze)
Please read on, and Join a community where Fantasy and Reality Truly Meet!
(mystical & engaging s)

To become a Citizen of the Castle and enjoy the Privileges of being a part of the Most Magical and 'Real' Virtual Community in the World, you Must Register! Citizens enjoy the benefits listed below, along with the knowledge that they are helping to Truly create the Community which is Beauty's Castle. This Castle was Created to be a place of Magic... a place for people to come together... to learn and Grow... beyond the boundaries of 'everyday' life. In doing so, it is my hope that we shall all take the lessons we Learn into our "RT" lives.... hopefully making the "RT" world a Better place to Be!

Further, our Citizens will Always enjoy the Best the Castle has to offer, along with the help of the local Constabulary (wry s). The fees are Only meant to pay for the Castle's Upkeep, to Ensure new Member features, and a continually improved environment for the Enjoyment of All! This site was created to be a place Magic & Wonder for 'enlightened' souls...it was Not Ever conceived as a way to make money (sincere serious look). It has a Heart and Soul. This shall Always be so.

Citizenship cost$: Citizenship Privileges:

By Check or Money Order (Postal Mail):
3 Months = $20 (total cost = $30*)
6 Months = $35 (total cost = $45*)
1 Year
= $60 (total cost = $70*)
Lifetime = $300 (total cost = $300)
* Includes 1st Time setup fee $10
(does NOT apply to Prompt RE-newals)

By Credit Card or alt. online method*:
* Please email Admin@beautyscastle.com for alternate online payment methods *

1 Month
= $15 (total cost = $15**)
3 Months
= $30 (total cost = $30**)
6 Months
= $45 (total cost = $45**)
1 Year
= $70 (total cost = $70**)
** Charged Accounts have all processing fees included

Account "Extras":

Coming Soon!

  • Citizens have 1st right to handles*
  • Up to 3 Registered Handles at one time
  • Access to All the Castle's Many rooms and areas
  • Private Paging to find your friends & Monitors
  • Last Time Online Searching
  • Scroll Box "Lock" Button
  • Change your Handle Colors
  • Full PM privileges
  • Your Own Private Room
  • Banners for Special Occasions
  • Special Citizen Parties & Events
  • No More Ads at the page bottom!
  • Full access to Castle Forums
  • Personal Profile
  • Private Messages
  • Avatars


  • Castle email account or alias**
  • 5mb storage (extra storage available)


  • Home Page in the Castle Village**
  • 5mb storage (extra storage available)
* A Citizen may pick their handles from any available handles Not registered to another Citizen.
** Citizens who purchased an annual account or who have been a Citizen in good standing for a year or more are entitled to: A Home Page in Beauty's Castle Village with 5mb of storage and yourhandle@beautyscastle.com forwarding to an email account of your choice, or a separate Castle email account with 5mb of storage and POP3, IMAP or Webmail access. All Castle Webmail accounts feature high-tech, military grade Virus and SPAM filtering by "Mail-Cleaner.Com."
In the Works:
  • Castle Newspaper (refurbrished)
  • Public "chat" Village: Public Rooms made by Citizens.

While ALL are Welcome, it is MOST IMPORTANT that those wishing Citizenship familiarize themselves with the Castle, its People, its Rules, and Environs. Beauty's Castle is a place for Adults wishing to meet other Adults, in an atmosphere of Open, Caring, Intelligent, Fun, and Courteous discourse. ANY Individuals who Deliberately cause distress, and attempt to otherwise disturb & harass the inhabitants, will be Removed from the system.

A few Final Reminders:

ADULTS! ONLY!!! (I can't stress this enough!)
(18/21 years old in the U.S.)

And Please...
Enjoy yourselves!!! REMEMBER: these chat areas are for EXPLORING and LEARNING.
"Diversity* is Encouraged. Closed Minds** are Not!"
Become a Citizen Now!

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* Please email Admin@beautyscastle.com for new mailing inforamtion if returning Citizen only *
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* Please email Admin@beautyscastle.com for alternate online payment methods *
Join by Credit Card

(* US & Canadian Checks Only)

* "Diversity" does NOT include 'assholes', 'rude bastards', and other UN-Civilized folk.
** "Closed minds" does NOT refer to people who won't tolerate the above.

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