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By email*:

Mistress Beauty: beauty@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM - Need to write directly to the Mistress of Beauty's Castle? Want to send a compliment? CC: her on a complaint?

General Castle Administration: admin@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM - Beauty's Castle Main Administration. Need to file a complaint? Are you being harassed in chat? Have questions not answered in the Chat FAQ?

Castle Citizens: admin@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM - Beauty's Castle Administration. Need to update your Citizen account information? Update a handle? Update your private room, or other service? Make sure you include your BW ID# in the subject, or body of your email.

Regular Chatters: chatadmin@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM - Beauty's Castle Chat Admin. A new user? Having difficulty making a handle? This is the address for you!

Payment Issues & Email Problems: support@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM - Beauty's Castle Support. Having Castle email problems? Trouble with using our online payment systems? Technical issues?

Forum Administration: forums@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM - Having trouble using the Castle's Forums? If you have account problems or other forum related technical issues, this is the place.

Problems with your online check at - Ibill Support Team. Do you need to update your payment information?

Service Abuse: abuse@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM - Need To Report Someone Abusing Beauty's Castle Services? Need to report a banned user bypassing our blocking? Help your Community and Let us know!

* Important concerning the email addresses above: Before sending email to one of the above addresses please remove "NOSPAM" from the end of the email address. Otherwise your email will not get to us. The reason we add "NOSPAM" onto the Beauty's Castle addresses help prevent spammers from collecting email addresses.

By Postal Mail: (for Citizenship Payments)

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