Handle: lil`cuntesa
Gender: Female
Age: 29-34
HOT Factor: Sizzles
Height: One of the Crowd
Weight: Land Lubber
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Complexion: Tanned
Intelligence: Nobody's Fool
Wits: Sidekick Only
Appearance: Obviously a slut
Free Form Personal Statistics: This lil Sexy bisexual submissive slut is 32 years young, with long brown hair and red/blonde highlights. 5'6 140 lbs 34 full C breasts. Baby blue eyes in the vanilla world with a load of naughty/dirty mischief behind their innocence. A golden tanned body with white triangles where the bikini hides nipples the size of quarters. A small tight lil ass. Always wearing something sexy to entice the eyes of Dom/Domme. French Manicured toes with matching long fingernails always maintained impeccably. A shaved pussy with meaty lips to tug and suck till i cumm hard enuff to eventually ejaculate where ever One chooses. i am horny lil bitch all the time who can multiple orgasm. LOVE to be fucked hard and fast, to keep me cumming. I cum at least 10X a day to keep my cunt happy and wett. Let me please You in all the naughty ways i cant think of anymore, but knows One can!!!
Pic or Home Page URL:
Your Limits: My limits are to always be pushed.
The obvious no animals or children. scat or watersports not my cup of tea.
No humiliation needed to degrade but to be pushed in a direction not usually taken.
Touch, feel, lick all You want, but choose wisely as this but comes around seldom enuff to want to make it count!
Something we missed? I am a lil pain slut who love to be fucked by all things imaginable. Ask Master Rafa! I have been trained by Master Rafael, a true Dominant, and in the Lifestyle for 4 years now. Love to please publicly, to be watched just makes my lil cunt drip with delight.
It was decided by B/both for me to be entered in this Auction in preparations for the R/T Auction at Club Kink at a later date. The mischief behind these eyes of mine is sure to be pleasing to Any One. this one wants to be used and bid on, know as this takes place, my lil cunt will be slick with anticipation.
there are plenty in here that would love to play with others property, well now's the time to do so, publicly! SO PLEASE.. know.. i need it badly!
bats baby blues prettily at all of Y' All...

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