The Hot One

Handle: The Hot One
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless
HOT Factor: Sizzles
Height: Tall
Weight: I prefer to Drive!
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Depends on My mood!
Complexion: Angelic
Intelligence: Nobody's Fool
Wits: Brilliant! For Bedrock!
Appearance: Dashing
Free Form Personal Statistics: A Hansome male with cheeky buttocks and sense of humour. Excellent dancer, particularly on the pole, serves well behind the bar too in dicky bow and apron. Suave Lover and Dom available for a night of ecstasy and surreal pleasure in the pub in public.
Pic or Home Page URL: ~NA~
Your Limits: Public sceneing only in the pub at a time mutually agreed (remember I am UK)
Something we missed? Its not very male friendly *chuckles* what happened to dark hair - hell - no man wants to be auburn?

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