Handle: MasterWolf
Gender: Male
Age: 41-50
HOT Factor: Keeps the room warm
Height: One of the Crowd
Weight: I prefer to Drive!
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: What Hair?
Complexion: Tanned
Intelligence: Nobody's Fool
Wits: Has one but can't find it
Appearance: Forgettable
Free Form Personal Statistics: *rubbing My hand over My cleanly shaven head... to move down to rub My salt and pepper neatly trimmed goatee... looking in the mirror of One who has played many years of football and hockey.... standing all of My 5'10" tall weighting 200 lbs... still in not so bad shape.. so I am told.. laughing... then letting out My breath and watching My stomach fall... back arch as I bend over from ole age... grasping My cane to help Me walk.. *laughing hard*
Pic or Home Page URL: ~NA~
Your Limits: Is there really any limits anyone really have... well HELL YEAH... no beastility.. or child play.... and there are some others but will have to purchase to find out.... *leaning over to whisper chuckling* and I am One that does not serve... *winking*
Something we missed? You may want to have your blindfolds on when I come upon the auction block.. I don't want to freighten Yyou all away... *chuckling*

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