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General Chat Usage:

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General Chat Usage:

Q1 - What are the passwords for?

Q2 - How do I receive messages?
Q3 - How do I send messages?
Q4 - How do I Send a Private Message?
Q5 - I've lost my list box, what's going on?
Q6 - How can you tell who is on-line?
Q7 - What is the "Back" button for?
Q8 - What is the "# Back" box for?
Q9 - I'm Lost! How do I change rooms?
Q10 - How do I get back to the chat room I was in?
Q11 - Is Beauty's Castle really Wireless compatible?
Connection Issues:

Q12 - I seem to be having problems connecting to the server?

Handle Problems:

Q13 - I can't read the text in the Enter Handle page?

Q14 - I've made a handle, but every time I enter the chat it kicks me back out?
Q15 - Every time I try to create a handle is says, "Sorry handle already in use.". Why?
Q16 - No matter what handle I pick it still won't let me make a handle? Monitor (Castle Nobility) Related:

Q17 - What can I do if someone comes into the room and Harasses me or my friends?

Q18 - How come I was removed from chat (aka "twitted") without being notified?
Q19 - What is this three removal (aka "3 twit") rule?
Q20 - Just Who is this "ShadowLord" person, and Why does he keep pestering me?
Q21 - I was just doing the same as Everyone else and BAM! I got hassled by a Monitor! What gives?
Q22a - I was just having some Fun while the room was Empty and suddenly, BAM! I got hassled by a Monitor! What gives?
Q22b - I was talking about the weather and my family in a BDSM related room and got told to "take it to Private" or go to Club Soda or Whips Tavern! What gives? Can't I get to know someone in the Subterranean Corridors or Dungeon rooms?
Q23 - I got removed (aka "twitted") but I was NOT breaking ANY rules! The Monitor is Wrong! What can I do?
Security Related:

Q24 -Can anyone get my name and Internet address if I am in a chat room?

Q25 -Someone said they will/did/might 'infect' this server\chat\site with a virus. Can I catch it if I am in a chat room?
Q26 - A person whom I know has been Banned just came into the room. What should I do?
Q27 -But the person Banned is a friend of mine, can't I speak to them?
Q28 -I have been Banned. What should I do?
Citizen Related:

Q29 - I'm a Citizen. My pages are not being seen by others. Am I paging correctly?

Q30 - I'm a Citizen. What is the banner policy?
Q31 - I'm a Citizen. How do I create my private room?
Q32 - I'm a Citizen. Can I purchase a second private room?
Q33 - I'm a Citizen. Are there any Rules & Regulations for private rooms?
Q34 - I'm a Citizen. How do I change my private room password? How do I change the other attributes?
Q35 - I'm a Citizen. Can I put another user on my account?
Q36 - I'm a Citizen. How do I renew my account?

Q37 - How can I view the transcript that has scrolled off the top of my chat page?

Q38 - Can I repost transcript from the chat rooms?
Q39 - Can I put up a doorway page to enter Beauty's Castle on my site?
Q40 - Why does Beauty's Castle use "html" chat? Why not 'upgrade' to a faster Java-based chat?

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