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(*: A Valid ISP-based email account and a Full "Snail-Mail" mailing address is Required for account setup. All information is Confidential and is kept Off-Net. While Beauty's Castle believes in Privacy, we require this info to ensure the Integrity of our Citizens, and to facilitate a Quality Chat Experience. Your information is NEVER given out to any other entity.)


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Please Note, there are ZERO Chargebacks. Chargebacks are grounds for immediate and permanent bannishment from the Castle.
Do not purchase Citizenship at the Castle if you are not 100% sure of your desire to do so. There are no refunds.

* All payments will show up on your statements as being from "Sleeping Beauty Publications Ltd." our parent company. *

Now please select your handles and password......Your handle and password should Not be the same as any of your email logins elsewhere, for obvious security reasons. Handles can Not have blank spaces at the beginning or end, and may Not contain 'special' Non-ASCII characters. They must also be YOUR handles; the ones you Currently use, or handles that are Not in use by any other Citizen. The First password entered will become the Main password used by All your handles! The other passwords are just to verify the ownership. The First Handle will be used for referencing your account, and the email alias for annual members. Remember: Incomplete forms will not be processed!

Citizenships will be activated once we've received your application AND verified your payment. For credit card payments you should receive an 'upgrade' to Citizenship within 24-48hrs hours of payment confirmation in most cases.

'Activated' accounts will be emailed with account status, renewal dates, and Private Room info.

* Please let us know in the comment section if you are rewning as you may be eligible for reduced rates if renewing within 14 days of expiration.*

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