*** You MUST answer EACH category! Incomplete Requests will NOT be processed! ***

1) A password for your room.

2) A 'login name' for your room. (i.e. dungeon, pub5, blazeepoo)(all lower

case and NO special characters)

3) A Title for your Room (ex: The Palace, Cathy's Place, etc.)

** These last 4 questions MAY be answered by saying you want your room to

look like Any of the Castle's current room** (make sure you pick one)

4) A background graphic for your room (optional)

(You may choose any of the current ones in use, or supply your own, but it

must be LESS than 8k. The smaller the better. Most rooms have files of 3k

or less.)

5) The color of your Text, including PMs, links, and vlinks.

(if you don't know about some of these I'll use the defaults)

6) Default background color

(should contrast your text in case the background texture does not load for

some reason)

7) Up to 6 Exit rooms (rooms you wish to be able to Exit into)

Once we get the info we will set them up. Then anyone (fellow Citizen or

Non-Citizen) whom you give your password and login-room name to, may enter

Your private room!

Be *Discriminating* in whom you give this info to! While you can change

your passwords, for now, they must be changed by Me or Beauty. We will be

adding a User interface so you can changed the room's attributes at any time

you wish(broad s). In the meantime we will be Happy to change them as


***As a Default, Private rooms do Not Receive Pages, but you can send them

to the rest of the Castle...even though you can't see what you send until

you Leave the room***

Enjoy!!!! And remember to keep this for your records!!!!

Admin (admin@beautyscastle.com)