Beauty's Castle Benefit Auction!


It's Auction Time Again!

Beauty's Castle 2006 Benefit Auction will be held on Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 at 12:00pm EST in the Castle's Public Square.

Come and bid on your favorite slave! Or Dom!(dazzling s)

Purchase a Hot night in the Pub!(wild g)

Or a Wild night in Gor!(tantalizing s)

Watch the prospective chattel parade their 'wares'!

Enjoy the show!!!

~ Current Schedule of Events ~

Things you need to know.....

The Action:



Rules of Conduct:

  1. The Auctioneers will control the auction. Look to them for general guidance and when to speak and bid. Their authority is Absolute, and they may 'eject' offenders from the Square at their discretion.
  2. The Auctioneer will announce the name of the sub, Dom, or Other to be auctioned, followed by a brief description and introduction. The prospective 'merchandise' will then 'enter' and be given an opportunity to 'strutt their stuff' or otherwise arouse the bidders' attentions (playful g). The Auctioneer will then open the floor to bids. ONLY then will the buyers be allowed to place Valid bids.
  3. Bidder's should use codes when speaking:
    1. Officail Bids shall be posted with a "$$" before each entry.
    2. Questions to Auctioneers shall be posted with a "??" before each entry.
  4. Please use the above codes as they will help keep the confusion down!(knowing look)
  5. Bids will be made in denominations of silver, gold, or platinum pieces and gold dubloons. Example: "...$$ I bid 100 silver pieces for JJ!" or "...$$ Two gold dubloons for Nolani!"
  6. Those people present, but Not participating as items for the Block or Bidders should behave as a Responsible audience.
  7. The Auctioneer, in her/his inestimable Wisdom, shall warn overly disruptive Citizens at least Once, but thereafter may 'twit' or 'eject' said offender at will(serious gaze).


Rules of Ownership:

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