Beauty's Castle Treasury


All transactions within Beauty's Castle are conducted using "Castle Tender".

Beauty's Castle Tender may be obtained by:

(* Each New Citizenship purchased from July 15th through September 20th of 2006 will receive a credit of Castle Tender as follows: 3mo.=25 silver coins, 6mo.=50 silver coins, 1yr.=100 silver coins or 1 gold piece, Lifetime=1 gold Doubloon. Coins are Not credited to any 'free' or special 'discounted' accounts earned from other offers & specials.)


Silver Tender is the most commonly used form of coin within the Castle. The exchange rate is 10 silver coins for $1 US. They may be purchased in groups of 50 for $5.00. 100 for $10.00, etc. 100 pieces of silver($10) are equivalent to 1 Gold coin.

Gold Tender comes in single gold coins or in gold Doubloons.. The exchange rate is 1 Gold Piece for $10 US. They may be purchased one at a time or in groups up to 10. 10 Gold Pieces are the equivalent of a Gold Doubloon. Gold Doubloons** cost $100.00 and may be purchased 0ne at a time, or as desired. ( **Each Gold Doubloon comes with a complimentary 3mo. Castle Citizenship.)

Platinum Tender is used Only by the wealthiest of the Realm and as such is seldom seen. A single Platinum coin or "Moon Star"*** is equivalent to five Doubloons or $500.00. They may be purchased one at a time. One "Moon Star" bid on a piece of chattel will result in an Instant Sale and the immediate stop of all other bids.( ***Each Moon Star comes with a complimentary 1.25 year Castle Citizenship.)

Currency Exchange: ("The wise bidder Never discloses their available funds before Auction time!")

Castle Tender may be purchased by:

A) mailing a Check or Money order to the address below. All payments must be in US Dollars. Foreign orders should make Sure to include "...U.S. Dollars" in the main field of personal checks and to add and additional $5.00 to cover the Bank's processing fees. Beauty's Castle will not process check or money orders Not in US dollars. Sorry!

Checks and Money orders should be made out to "Sleeping Beauty Publications", and sent to:

Please be sure to include in what denominations you would like to be credited (150 silver for $15, 2 gold for $20, 50 silver and 3 gold for $35, etc.).


B) contacting Admin for details on purchasing Castle Tender with a credit card or online check . It's easy and fast!

All 'pooling' or exchanges of Castle Tender Must be confirmed by Both parties. No further purchases of Castle Tender will be recognized after Midnight Friday (September 22nd) before the Auction; currently the Castle Treasury will Close after extended hours on Friday September 22nd, 2006 at Midnight. No further Exchanges of currency between bidders will be recognized after 12 Midnight on September 22nd. Coin purchases Received After September 22nd at Midnight will be returned. All bidding parties will be notified by email on the morning of the Auction (assuming we have proper email information) with their final balances on account. Final adjustments due to "Tender Transfers" will be confirmed as needed up until 11 am on Auction Day, September 23rd.

Lastly, ALL coin purchases are FINAL and non-refundable. However, all coins Not spent at Auction may be saved for Future Auctions & Events, or exchanged at a rate of $.50 per Dollar toward Castle Citizenships.

All Bidders will receive confirmation of their purchase of Castle Tender by Email within 24 hours of receipt. The Treasury will keep a record of the amount of silver and gold pieces purchased so that you can not Over spend.(wry s)

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