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Hurray! Final Results! (pending last minute contributions by SnailMail)
Hardware Fund Drive 2003

Wow!!!! (Amazed and Truly pleased and Honored gaze) We Reached our Goal! In fact, we even Passed it!(floored look). There are really no good words to adequately express our Gratitude for ALL of Your Generosity! As Tribute to all those Generous Hearts, this page will be available for months to come, so that people may know of such Good & Giving Folk (mushy most warm hearted s and gaze)

We can now replace and repair our Admin Computers as described below. That means a new Admin Laptop, Upgrade & Repair for our File Server, and possibly enough to repair the old powerbook and upgrade it so it can replace another outdated Admin laptop too.


"And Yes, every little bit DID help! Thank You!!!"

This fund drive is to raise monies to replace two failed Administration Computers. Why are we Asking? Because funds paid by Citizens go to the upkeep of the Castle itself, and toward its monthly expenses. That doesn't include(or rather leave) Anything for Our time and effort in its actual management, daily maintenance, and related support materials(computers, net connections, etc.) (FYI: we recently finished a new version of our chat code and moved it to a newer, faster, and more robust server, including redundant drive arrays - a benefit to us all, and all out of our own pockets). We had already been working with one Admin Computer down with a major drive failure in November(it was the main OFF-NET database server for Admin & a file backup server: an ancient PPC7500 - we have 'borrowed' another PC temporarily to serve this purpose until we can replace it) . Thankfully we had a generous relative donate an old PentiumIII-733 to replace our sluggish & ailing pentiumI-233 Office Email & Admin Server (a work in progress). Now Mistress Beauty's long time Admin & our General "On-the-Road Admin" Computer has 'died' as well (an old powerbook G3-5+ yrs old) so we are attempting to replace them. We desperately need to replace at least One. Two would be a God-Send and put us back at "status quo"(hopeful look). Our "Goal" is for a replacement of both. Two New computers that were current (not top-of-the-line, but midway in price & function) would run close to $4,000. Being ever frugal, we hope that we can get something 'acceptable' for a little over half that (~$1000ea. - no sense setting our hopes too high)(s). As usual we have set aside several hundred dollars of our Own Personal funds (unrelated to Castle funding in any way) to add to our intended drive goal.

As with All things Castle Related, this is a labor of Love. We devote our time and resources to keeping this Community Alive & Well. Our Citizens support us in that cause as well(most grateful and humble gaze). Now we turn to these few, and to the rest of the Castle at large, and ask that if you have Ever enjoyed yourself and found this to be a Special Place, on the Net, and in Your Hearts, please help and Give what you can. Even a $1 would help!(serious look) (Fact: If each person who logged in during One day gave a Single dollar, we would raise over $5,000!)

We have had Amazon Donation banners up since November 2002 for those many non-Citizens who always say they have been "chatting for years, how can we help?" but they have yet to be used. We Hope that people will take advantage of this drive and help us now! As we have noted, even a little can go a long way. People who donate will have their handle or other desired identification placed under the category of their donation (can be anonymous as well). The "Hall of Generosity" will be available for viewing for many months to come.

(The results of this Donation Drive, either positive or negative, will not affect the services and support that Beauty's Castle Citizens have always enjoyed.)

To All those Few who have seen fit to Show us their $upport, we Most humbly Thank You!!!

As of March 18th at 4:30pm Castle Standard Time (listings are ordered by Contribution Date)
$1 - $10
$11 - $25
$ 26 - $50
$51 - $100
Over $100
brown eyes
Lord Forest Myst
Dark Traveler
Ran Dom
Dark Traveler`s Soliare
Secret Smile
AD Venture & doll
Lord Black Adder
Dark Velvet & Her cub
Lord Michael
Lady Tiffany (P.C.)
Mz Fox
Amazonia & Dave Grohl
polythene girl & lilly
Marvin & heart
Wild Irish Rose (P.C.)
Lady Iris and Logan
Callie, Silent Witness, loulou
Column Total
Column Total
Column Total
Column Total
Column Total

(P.C. = Peasant Club, "There is no such thing as too little!")

Drive Goal
Grand Total:

(*Actual Balance minus PayPal processing fees where applicable = $2242.68)

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