The Poets' Corner: 2005 Poetry Contest

** Presented in the order they were submitted. Qualifying Poems Only **

The Rules:

Beauty's Castle Holiday Poem Contest 

Be creative and *you* could win up to 6 months of Beauty's Castle Citizenship.  

The rules are quite simple. Below you will find a list of 10 "Castle Words". ALL the words must be used in the poem, and the Title of the poem does not count. On December 24th the Poets Corner (off the Public Square) will be open for you to enter your poem.  Please limit your entry to only ONE poem per person and all poems MUST start by using "Poem Contest:" followed by the Title (if there is one) and then the poem itself. The deadline for the contest is December 31st at Midnight Beauty's Castle time.   Entries posted after this time are automatically disqualified.

We do ask during this time, that people refrain from posting other work. Also please limit posts in the Poet's Corner to the Poems ONLY. Applause and other commentary should be kept to the Public Square or other appropriate rooms in the Castle. Violators may be removed without notice. Thank you!

The Castle Words for this Year's Contest are as follows:

bells        snowflakes           wonder               magic

   dungeon            Christmas           barstool                    castle
stockings                           fantastic

All qualifying poems will be reviewed by three Judges for their creativity, originality, wit, 'poem-ness', etc. The winners will be posted by January 5th 2006.

1st Prize: 6 Months of Citizenship : merry*blyssmyss
2nd Prize: 3 Months of Citizenship : ***~Sir Twisted Sisal ~~~ & serendipity
3rd Prize: 1 Month of Citizenship : Aura & calysta

Winners should submit a standard mail-in Citizenship form and put "2005 Poetry Contest
" in the comments section. Please select the appropriate number of "months" won.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Questions? Comments? Send them to: events@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM

The Poems:

Sat 01:41:49 PM EST Dec 24 tamon . . . {Poem Contest}

Twas late in the Castle
and no O/one a stir
seeing it was no hassle
tamon snuck in with his fur
laying out Christmas for A/all to wonder
like magic filling the Dungeon
with snowflakes to ponder
hanging bells from not the mantle
but barstools with little handles
minding not the stockings
but partakings most sure
grining ear to ear
fantastic that no O/one was here

Sat 02:17:11 PM EST Dec 24 Aces chally . . . (Poem Contest)

Twas the night before christmas and all the the castle
they all gathered there to avoid the holiday hassle

The stockings were hung as well as the patrons, it was magic
For some you could only shake your head for it was tragic

You could hear the bells on the submissive that Santa carried on his back
as well as the vibrators that were nestled in his pack

He headed straight for the Pub, for it was no wonder
that he found Mrs. Claus, the mistletoe she was under

She sat on a barstool, in nothing but strategically placed snowflakes

He cried out "This is fantastic!" and without a beat
He dragged her to the dungeon sweeping her off her feet

He dropped his bag of goodies right there on the floor
For he was in a hurry to get through the heavy door

He knocked himself out when the door it did slam
And not it was time for Mrs. Claus to take the upper hand!

She called back to the Pubbers ere she vanished from sight
to all a Great Holiday, I'm gonna have some fun tonight!

(Third Place Winner - tied) Sun 01:34:52 PM EST Dec 25 calysta . . . ("Poem Contest")

Days after Christmas and all thru the Castle
the reds dropped like snowflakes about all of the hassle
Coug fell from His Pub barstool as Sin gave a wink
soft chime of slave bells caused Ronin to blink
the wonder of holiday cheer did still linger
as Scarlet beckoned to surrender with a crook of Her finger
marianna’s new stockings made Lando’s blues gleam
Longing’s attention caused Emmy to beam
judith and yellowbird in awe as fire glowed bright
a fantastic display of wicked delight
honor’s hum of "Santa baby" with a wink to the tree
eve flitting about to spread smiles like a busy lil’ bee
Lady Mckenna gave tamon a new monkey to ravage
Glory’s holiday hugs gave shivers of something more savage
Dillon and calysta play with strategically placed pearls
spellbound keeps vigil for her Pirate as anxious toes curls
lady tiffany decked out in Dark Traveler’s leather
Gwennie’s heaving bosom and tickle of feather
the dungeon was merry for Mistress Beauty to hear
as the magic moves forward to the eve of New Year!!

Sun 05:29:37 PM EST Dec 25 tilara{JGT-y} . . . ("Poem Contest")

It was the night before christmas and all the the Jewel the kajira were busy tending there chores while the Ubar and Ubara we watching the hall, the sound of bells could be heard as kajara tilara danced her dance of the durns, the snowflakes falling just out side the door brings a cool breeze for A/all to enjoy.The Castle was humming with the magic of the holidays when down in the dungeon the Master and Mistresses all hang there stockings on the barstools of the bar, where Mckennas is serving her fantastic peppermint coco, In hope that Santa brings toys that That they could use to entice the subs and slaves alike. They sit an wonder about the year to come,some where in the Parapet you could hear Merry Christmas to A/all and to A/all a good night

Sun 10:01:07 PM EST Dec 25 Silent Intruder~ . . . Poem Contest

A Beautys' Christmas

The bells rang clear on Christmas eve
Sweet music to My ears
As snowflakes danced before My weary Eyes
To coax Me on along the chilly path

Around the bend I did tread
Then stopped in awe and silent wonder
As a towering castle loomed up from the snowy mists
Like some bit of magic from days long gone before.

Hurrying over the drawbridge
Racing through the Castle Keep
Past the barstools in the Tavern
Down the swirling staircase to the Dungeon Deep

I knew I'd found My proper place, this surely must be total blyss.
Sweet eager subs dressed all in lace and stockings
The walls adorned with whips and chains and fantastic toys
To make them writhe and dance and scream for My pleasure and amusement.

Come naughty, come saucy, come sweet little slut
I'm whip you, I'll spank you, I'll tie you all up.
Come whore, come vixen, come heated little bitch
I'll use you, I'll mark you, I'll claim you complete.
All settled back into My plush leather chair
Enjoying the thrill of the power I hold, revelling in all that wild control
Thinking poor Santa deserves so much more
Than just eight little reindeer to flog and to whip.

(Second Place Winner - tied) Mon 11:07:03 PM EST Dec 26 ***~Sir Twisted Sisal ~~~ . . . Poem Contest

"A Twisted's Wish*

The Night was chilled The folk were thrilled as the bells rang out from the Castle...

This magic time of snowflakes and wine..and the wrapping of that Christmas parcel...

In the dungeon holly is twined through the chains which really looks quite fantastic...

An old Tavern barstool has been found and brought down and re covered in bright red plastic...

I wonder what will be in your stockings this year..I hope it is what you desire...

My wish is to see you all again next year all cosy and toasty by the Castle fire...

Be Safe Be Well Be You.....

Tue 10:25:25 AM EST Dec 27 ~Pretty N Pink~ . . . (POEM CONTEST)

T'was the nite before Christmas and all thru the castle
Not a Master was stirring,, not a slave gave a hassle.
Mistress and Sswitches in Black leather and chains
were busy hitting Eeach Oother with paddles and canes.

submissives with in the Dungeon all nestled in their beds,
while visions of chastisement and wonder danced in their heads
while some settled on the furs for along winters nap
This Pink Mistress pulled out some Pink saran wrap.

When out down the hall there arouse such a clatter
I tripped over the barstool to see what's the matter
Crops and whips tangled about Me as I tied bows to them all
I knew if I didn't get loose I would surely fall

Going over to the window and what do I see, but 12 sexy pony girls with red welts and bleeding knees
with bells on their nipples and clips on their slit, I watched in amazement as each one took some hits.
The drunken old driver stood holding His dick,
I knew by the red coat it had to be Master St Nick.

Slower then a snail and with fantastic delight
He whipped and He cropped as they came back in sight
"Come surrender, temptress, marianna and chally
pull the sleigh faster or I'll paddle your fanny"

"and tiffany, eve, elora, and bunny
with blazing red asses you look somewhat funny
corvus, spellbound, ***divinity***, kelley
you bend yourself backwards and show Me them bellies"

Up on the rooftop the snowflakes led the way
the Master got out and wanted to play
He staggered and stumbled and fell in the hole
down the chimney He fell what happened to the Master Role?

The Pink Mistress was standing with fishnet stockings to Her thighs
wicked nasty thoughts of beatings , torture and covered muffled cries
He knelt down before Her and began to plea
"Oh Mistress Pretty Please forgive Me"

The pony girls thought it was magic had to be a spell.. how did this Mistress do this and not have to yell?
She laughed and She snickered and began to bind Him up, the saran wrap She had might not be enough.
The girls were more then willing to help give Her a hand, one started to wonder and whisper "ohh this poor Helpless Man"

She spoke not a word, but went straight to Her work,
Secured all the bindings, tightened the roped with a fierce jerk.
Then a cruel smile crossed over Her pink shinny lips as She pulled out a camera placed on Her curvy hips
as She admired Her work what did She see but two tiny elves working the bondage free.

Then He jumped and tossed all the things aside, moved towards the doorhoping He wasn't locked inside
"Was He planning on leaving" She thought to Her Self "would He cum back for more or should She snatch an elf"?
She heard Him exclaim as He moved out of sight......

(Third Place Winner - tied) Tue 06:28:29 PM EST Dec 27 Aura . . . {Poem Contest}

A Midwinter Blessing

The peace and tranquility of midwinter comes
With wonder, it touches the soul;
Through delicate beauty of snowflakes that fall,
And bright silver bells as they toll.

Fantastic desires invade every dream,
And magic drifts soft on the air
‘Round a Christmas tree rising so regal and tall
At the heart of the cobblestone Square.

Adorned with evergreen garlands of fir
The Castle in splendor does stand;
Whilst candles aglow in each corner and hall
Illuminate this image so grand.

The dungeon in blackness no longer shall dwell
As colorful stockings appear
Over barstools, on mantels and servery doors
Awaiting the holiday cheer.

Celebrate W/we shall, this magical time
With loved O/ones and F/friends gathered ‘round;
A prayer for Peace, for Happiness, for Love
And to E/everyone, may blessings abound.

(First Place Winner) Tue 11:00:14 PM EST Dec 27 merry*blyssmyss . . . Poem Contest

~*A Beauty~full Christmas Tale*~

it was late in december
the night i remember,
i had ventured out on 'christmas' eve -
and much to my 'wonder',
was a place i could hardly believe ....

in merriment and splendor
only my mind could render,
was a 'castle' incredulously inviting -
i had crossed to a land most enchanting
and was inspired more deeply with writing ....

the night was painted with the darkness of ink
such elegance and beauty, wickedness and kink,
the stature and grandness beckoned within -
the call was alluring,
whispers and screams, passions and sin ...

a decor so 'fantastic' and 'magic' in presence
i was lost in the moment of such reverence,
within the brick and mortar my mind builds around me -
was a calling of such submission,
to simply astound me ...

i was dressed in net 'stockings', and heels ever so high
my dark eyes shimmered with stardust, plucked from the sky,
then led to the 'dungeon' down the festive decked halls -
a tolling of 'bells',
echoed off the stone walls ...

i was led 'cross the threshold into the dark
the tempo increased, rapid beats of my heart,
stopped long enough to be tied with a red bow -
bent over a 'barstool',
my face was aglow ...

on this christmas eve i became His gift,
to do with what pleased Him, and that i learned swift,
the air is electric with the crack of His switch -
my skin glistens like 'snowflakes',
and i'm one heated little bitch!

from whence i came, i've no wish to return
i'm wanton, i'm molten, i feel the burn,
He knows what i need, of that i don't fear
Merry Christmas to Aall ...
and one HOT and Feisty New Year!

(Second Place Winner - tied) Wed 05:47:09 AM EST Dec 28 serendipity . . . *~*poem contest*~*

i walk through the castle
heels clicking 'pon stone
the magic of christmas
seems to carry me home
soft steps through the dungeon
reaching the stair
then onwards and upwards
to crisp winter air
eyes full of wonder
at all i survey
and the fantastic dance
of snowflakes at play
head tilts to one side
smiling soft as one hears
church bells in the distance
and a crowed toasting "Cheers!"
downstairs in club soda
so i head back that way
and reflect on the year
have i been a good girl?
Hell yes, Sir. No fear
so i roll down my stockings
i'm nobody's fool
and hope santa will fill them
here on this barstool!

Thu 12:08:18 PM EST Dec 29 Longing*** . . . "Poem Contest:"

Santa’s Christmas wish list

Through a white haze of snowflakes His sleigh did finally appear.
Letting Mrs Claus know His work was done for yet another year.
Greetings, well dones, happy, jumping spinning singing whooping elves
Where all silenced with wonder as the Big Man once more jingled sleigh bells.

In the eyes of the Big red Christmas Man a wicked glint did set
Letting Mrs Claus know the magic of this night was not over yet.
Hands on hips she listened to what the thick gruff voice said
As slowly for her He unwrapped the plans stored up in His head.

“As I passed over the houses of every peaceful sleeping child
I saw where while innocents sleep adults do go totally wild
A castle built on a foundation of desire with walls of white stone
Where faeries, pubbers, vampires and the down right kinky roam”

“You can pull up a barstool for a refreshing or mind blowing drink
But there is also a hot tub and bedroom (He said with a wink).
And downstairs in the dungeon the deepest fantasies come to life
With handcuffs, blindfolds, floggers and even skilled cut of knife.”

“So please Mrs Claus board this sleigh and let us at once depart.
Finally let Me share the wicked desire that dwells in this jolly old heart.”
She lifted Her skirt so whips held in stockings elastic He did see
Sensually whispering “But it shall not be you who Dominates Me”

Then carefully pressed a black stiletto to a groin clad in red
And slowly and deliberately in a stern voice She said
“It does sound fantastic claus so at once W/we must go”
And this subbie little santa could only groan “Ho Ho Ho”

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