The Poets' Corner: 2004 Poetry Contest

** Presented in the order they were submitted. Qualifying Poems Only **

The Rules:

Beauty's Castle Holiday Poem Contest 

Be creative and *you* could win up to 6 months of Beauty's Castle Citizenship.  

The rules are quite simple. Below you will find a list of 10 "Castle Words". ALL the words must be used in the poem, and the Title of the poem does not count. On December 18th the Poets Corner (off the Public Square) will be open for you to enter your poem.  Please limit your entry to only ONE poem per person and all poems MUST start by using "Poem Contest: " followed by the Title (if there is one) and then the poem itself. The deadline for the contest is December 23rd at Midnight Beauty's Castle time.   Entries posted after this time are automatically disqualified.

We do ask during this time, that people refrain from posting other work. Also please limit posts in the Poet's Corner to the Poems ONLY. Applause and other commentary should be kept to the Public Square or other appropriate rooms in the Castle. Violators may be removed without notice. Thank you!

The Castle Words for this Year's Contest are as follows:

stockings        fairies           frosty               crop

   sleigh ride            fountain           moat                    dragon
dungeon                           castle

All qualifying poems will be reviewed by three Castle Judges for their creativity, originality, wit, 'poem-ness', etc. The winners will be posted following the Holiday.

1st Prize: 6 Months of Citizenship
2nd Prize: 3 Months of Citizenship
3rd Prize: 1 Month of Citizenship

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Questions? Comments? Send them to: events@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM

The Poems:

Sat 09:45:06 AM EST Dec 18 **SirTwistedSisal** . . . "Poem Contest:" Beauty's Night before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas in the castle all was Jolly
In the Dungeon paddles had been replaced with Mistletoe and Holly
The beasties all wore Santa hats singing carols in the Moat
The Fairies cried "There's Rudolph!!
But someone had taped antlers on the goat
From the Rack room came a different cry the place of Oh such floggings
The cries were now of laughter as folk hung their Christmas stockings
In the courtyard by the fountain stood a glittering painted wagon
Taking folk for sleigh rides pulled by a gorgeous purple Dragon
Into the Frosty air it soars and stops right by Beauty's shop
For the purchase of a thong perhaps or a leather red tipped Crop
So let the bells ring out for all who to the Castle come
And remember to give yourself a present.. And that's to have some FUN !!!

(Second Place Winner) Sat 02:48:59 PM EST Dec 18 majicats . . . Poem Contest: Christmas

Sat 02:49:26 PM EST Dec 18 majicats . . . Come and take a walk with me
in the frosty Christmas air.
We can dance around the fountain
when we reach the castle square.

And when night falls around us,
the fairies can light the way.
We'll take a magical sleigh ride-
a dragon can pull the sleigh!

Then back across the castle moat
to the dungeon we will go.
Settle in with all our friends,
glad to be out of the snow.

Amid the love and laughter,
the joking and the fun;
the teasing and the taunting-
spending time with that special one...

Exchanging Christmas stockings,
see who can open theirs faster!
For a favored subbie some nipple clamps;
A new crop for her Master.

Now it is almost midnight
the party is coming to an end
People are slipping into the shadows
And we are on our own again.

Let us slip back out into the cold, let the darkness hold us tight Wrap our arms around each other and love each other through the night. Make the most of this holiday season, when magic fills the air- In our homes, our hearts, in the Castle- a Merry Christmas, everywhere.

Sat 08:44:24 PM EST Dec 18 Rev Thomas Greene . . . Poem Contest: Is It Santa?

Whats santa on dad? i cry as i see it in the sky.
Looks just like a dragon, but i cannot think of why.
Cant be santa look dad, his stockings are much too high
and are the fairies hiding, they must just all be shy.

It looks a bumpy sleigh ride dad, it can hardly fly
and if it crashes in that moat. santa will surely die.
When i weed in that fountain dad, did santa catch a spy?
if he did, ill be in a dungeon and then ill start to cry

Does santa make crop circles or get them from bring and buy?
the weathers too frosty to fly dad, santa is a fool to try
want santa to get me a beautyscastle, and i want it way up high
to share my love and happiness with all that walk on by.

Merry Christmas one and all. God bless.

(Third Place Winner - tied) Mon 12:15:25 AM EST Dec 20 Silent Intruder . . . Poem Contest......Yuletide Journeys

While on a sleigh ride one frosty eve,
The common path I chose to leave.
I came upon a hidden vale replete,
With faeries, a dragon and, even a Castle Keep

The Drawbridge was lowered, an open portal,
It's shimmered light a silent beckon to frozen soul of frigid mortal.
Over the moat, under the porticulus, the horses hooves a racous din,
Until I spied the majestic fountain deep within.

By foot I trod towards the depths of deepest dungeon
My Hand closed tight around a bulky bludgeon.
A curious glance to stockings hung, each dangled from a crop
And the vision of naked subbies bound to the walls just made My jaw drop.

No further do I need to roam,
Beauty's Castle now My home.
Winter's chill warmed by spice of D/s flavour.
Kept warm and snug with My saucy sub to savour.

Tue 01:36:57 AM EST Dec 21 the*firey*one . . . Poetry Contest: The Joys of Holly

Glad in striped wool stockings only
wings huddled tightly around shivering naked bodies,
three wee fairies tiptoed over frosty stones to try to peek inside windows.
Their lithe faye forms take individual flying leaps over the castle's moat.
Eyes fearful for a flash of the horrid little creatures who dwell
in the ice encrusted water, but all sail safely to the other side.

Mute tip toeing through the castle gate, past an ancient fountain
whose dragon statue stands with its wings outstretched,
threateningly looms high above the courtyard.
Finally, near their goal, the bar covered windows of the dungeon
each diligently spread straw over the frozen ground.

Their deceptively fragile forms pause, then lie down on the ground
with eyes peering, fill with awe
peeking into the darkness of the castle dungeon.
Sounds had drawn these curious three.
The sound of a crop striking skin
and it's following wail.
They cowered and watched, listened and
shivered on the cold ground.

Tue 01:38:07 AM EST Dec 21 the*firey*one . . . Then like a flash
each wing wrapped imp grows restless
and with a moment's flash of concert thinking
jump up and flee the courtyard.
Past dragon and gate, over moat onto the road
to leap upon the rungs of the castle's sled
taking castle guests on a season inspired sleigh ride
into the country side's chill, jingling along into the distance
away from screams and dark walls, into the cover of night.

Tue 01:33:59 PM EST Dec 21 *Nomad`s{blond}* . . . POEM CONTEST

Once again the time has come
The frosty festivities have begun
The stockings out for Santa Claus
The faires and elves can not pause

So much to do, no time to hide
Getting ready for the big sleigh ride
Over the fountain, across the moat
Towards the dungeon like a big float

The dragon of the castle keeping guard
Pacing across the lit courtyard
Lying down in a gentle flop
When he spies the fairy with the crop

The fairies pass with gentle ease
They only mean to kindly tease
Across the tavern and over the spire
They give the dragon a ball of fire

A sprinkle of love a touch of frost
The faires work is never lost
All full of joy and spreading cheer
To All, best wishes for the new year

Tue 07:14:52 PM EST Dec 21 eve** . . . Poetry Contest?.What Does Christmas really mean?

As a child we were taught to believe that Santa’s bag is a magical thing.
It is filled with toys for every good little girl and boy.
Santa himself is magical and can cause raindeer to fly
With a flick of his wrist!
As they take a sleigh ride through the midnight sky,
and fill up all of stockings all around the word,
in one cold, frosty, winter night.

We believed in throwing pennies into the fountain
At the center of mall,
decorated with tinsel and glitze where are going shopping
And coming out with packages way to tall.
The pennies tossed in the fountain were
To make our dreams and wishes come true.
Little girls invision that they were the lead,
dancing the part of the sugar plum fairy
In the Christmas musical at their church or school
With a pink tutu of fancy beads.

Little boys were trying their hardest to be nice instead of naughty,
At least while Santa is checking his list twice.
That is what Christmas means to many children.
Gifts under the tree.
Shouts of surprised laughter and glee.

As teenagers we get more caught up in the idea
Of giving and receiving gifts.
My friends and I were always in the Christmas Eve
Service. That is what Christmas was about then. Buying something for Mom, Dad and family, Maybe a few friends. Going out caroling on a cold Sunday afternoon. Coming in with chilly hands, for hot chocolate and games With family and friends. Time off of school, Was always cool, Then we looked forward to next year when we could do it all over again. The Christmas Eve service did address The true is meaning of C Post exceeded maximum post size

Tue 07:15:46 PM EST Dec 21 eve** . . . continued from above...

The Christmas Eve service did address
The true is meaning of Christmas.
With candles lit at the midnight service all aglow.
I thought I understood who Jesus was,
back then.
He was the baby doll,
That whoever played the part of Mary held in her arms.
In the handmade crush by my father,
That they still use in church every year.

How little did I know.
The roads I would have to go down,
To really learn what Christmas is about.
Time changes us, and alters what we dream for.
We each build dreams on the clouds like a castle in the sky.
As an adult I now know,
That the pennies aren’t magic
Nor is Santa’s bag.
Magic is now when I find another’s heart
Who believes in me
And I can trust them
With what I see to be true
Of myself.

Fairies and elves are still cute.
My students now color them in my classroom.
As an adult,
The kaleidoscope of life shows me new views.
Having been at the edge of despair and back, Till where I am now touching the shining sun In this past year, Christmas is about so much more then kissing Underneath the mistletoe.

Tue 07:17:24 PM EST Dec 21 eve** . . . continued from above...

Life is a cycle,
That we can not stop.
But laughter and friendships
Hold our hearts together
Till every tear is mopped up,
By a caring hand held close forever,
Throughout the whole year through.

When the last tree is decorated,
When the last yellow star or beautiful angel is hung
On the top branch,
Who will still be next to you?
When it all gets pack away,
After New Years Day?

That is what Christmas,
Is about.
Servicing the one who you love
And long to wake up next to.
Not just in a dungeon
Not just because you love crops and floggers,
But because it where your heart longs
To be no matter what day of the year it is.
Christmas is about all of the above,
But it is also about giving what we are most afraid of.

Tue 07:18:33 PM EST Dec 21 eve** . . . continued from above......


Nothing we buy is more important,
Than sharing our heart and soul,
That we long to cover up under much paper and bows.
My heart is filled by the special touches
Of those painting colors of rainbows
Over my life.
The miles may for now only, keep us apart.
But Y/you know that they simply give the love
More room to grow.

When so many are over seas this year,
In foreign lands and fighting their own,
much more dangerous
Version of our castle moat monsters,
Say a prayer that you are blessed,
With a safe place this Christmas Eve,
To lay down your head.

Whether we are here or overseas,
We all have our own ghost and dragons
Chasing us.
So today, instead of just saying Merry Christmas,
Touch another’s hand.
Share a touch of intimacy
With those you love.
Take time, To share The best gift of all, Yourself. And you will get gifts back from others, Beyond anything you ever thought of to write down On your Christmas wish list.

Tue 07:52:28 PM EST Dec 21 ~^Pretty N Pink^~ . . . ~~~POEM CONTEST ENTRY~~~
"Is it over yet?"

What is Christmas to Me this year?, but a time full of pain and misery, a Castle full of memories but this room left to only Me.

The Stockings are hung and the Moat freshly cleaned, the Dragons are fed but what about Me?

Fairies are fluttering with joy and delight while I slump around the Dungeon hiding out on Christmas Night.

Hearing the jingle of slave bells ride near, laughter denied as they ride on Sleighrides led by deer.

Glancing out the window to see Frosty being made, a joyous time for A/all but in My life I've been foolishly played.

Walking over to the Fountain to look at what I see, but a young scared woman trying to look away from Me.

Tossing a log to keep the fire buning, saddly as I weep I know what My hearts yearning.

A few long swigs from the good ole jack, wondering if it's My belongings I'll soon have to pack.

Trailing My fingers along My pink leather Crop, tossing the empty bottle as I scream for this all to STOP!!!!!!!!

~~~Merry Christmas Yya Aall~~~

(Third Place Winner - tied) Tue 09:53:39 PM EST Dec 21 *fairest~one* . . . POEM CONTEST
Cum take a ride

Let’s take a sleigh ride down to the castle
You wear your leather vest, and I’ll wear my tassels.
My stockings, real silk, held with a garter of lace.
I see that you brought all of our toys in your case.
I know you’ll have the leash, hooked to my very best collar,
And later when you crop me, I’ll try not to holler.
Look at the fairies spreading glitter and cheer.
Keep an eye on the sky for Santa and his tiny reindeer.
We’ll wrap in a fur, keeping out the chill of the night.
It’s frosty, cold, and starting to snow…much to my delight.
Around the fountain and across the moat.
Don’t be afraid of the dragon…he just wants your coat.
Look at the tree decorated with love.
Hear the screams of pain and pleasure already coming from rooms below and above.
Come on in; gather here with good friends all around.
Don’t drink too much eggnog or in the dungeon you’ll be bound.

(First Place Winner) Thu 01:15:38 AM EST Dec 23 kyssmyss blyss . . .
~Warmest Wishes~

The season has started ~
All merry and bright
I've come in for some hot cocoa
After hanging the lights

Outside had been nippy
A chill in the air
A tingle to my nose,
Now rosy, once fair

A little too frosty
Time to cuddle in warm
Someplace to snuggle
Out of the storm

I sit down all cozy
Snug in my chair
And start up the web
Entering Beauty's Holiday Lair

With a click of the mouse
I transport within
To a Castle all decorated
With Christmas and sin

Thu 01:16:01 AM EST Dec 23 kyssmyss blyss . . . continue ...

Crossing over the Moat,
All frozen with ice
Perhaps a dip in that pool
Would perk up nipples so nice

A glitter decked fountain
As I move thru the Public Square
Such an inviting display
Still travel with care

Straight to the Dungeon
If only I dare
Past seasonal stockings
Filled with clamps, cuffs and a crop to spare

The wanton decadent desires of
A horny little whorebitch in heat
The fiercest of dragon breathed fires
Could never begin to compete

My blood now is rushing
And a fire grows hot
Could have joined them on a sleigh ride ....

Now some think my time here
Is like wishing on fairies
But I have found the warmth searched for --
May all Your Christmases be just as Merry!!

Thu 03:08:24 PM EST Dec 23 Visiting Dom . . . POEM ENTRY

Santa was a secret Top
Mrs. was His bottom
He controlled her with His crop
The elves wondered how she got Him.

They gathered in a castle old
To discuss the matter
Fed the dragon of North Pole
to guard, so they could chatter.

"Twas those stockings,"said Elf Frosty
"Black net held by garters.
Must have been so swful costly
Can't get those through barters."

"No, it was for sure the sleigh ride,"
argued helper faires
"Humping over moat and tide
when T/they were making merries."

"Santa took her to the fountain
Got her really wet
Then He took her to the dungeon
That was how T/they met!"

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