Hello to A/all who make this place home..

Hopefully, you will have a chance to hear all of the Candidates speak and answer all the very pertinent questions regarding the Offfice of Monitor. Some You may agree with...some you won't. Many of them will be very repetitive in nature, even if valid. This is my chance to offer You a look at a different question.


There are many facets that make her unique. Who else occasionally streaks the pub? Who else was Queen of the HotTub, these may seem like silly questions, yet it gives an insight to the person. Someone who enjoys herself chatting with her friends, and anyone else who may visit the room, be they strangers or friends. How many have taken her into their confidence and used her shoulder to lean against? The time she has spent here have been spent making a considerable amount of friends, many have become RT friends. This show's the personality of someone willing to get to know others, having traveled many miles to meet ones she calls friend. All of this time, she has always held true to herself, never taking anything or anyone for granted, doing the best she can and at the same time, being honest and open.
These are the qualities of a genuine human being, not an American, a Brit, or an Ozzy, just being herself. I can think of no other quality that makes someone more suited for this position than just being yourself...