Rules for TimeOut:

Remember!...TimeOut is a Safety Zone, where Different rules apply...

Pay Attention!

  1. While in TimeOut, submissives Can..and Should..freely speak their hearts and minds on various subjects..Without the fear of punishment or reprimand!

  2. All Dom/mes are welcome in the TimeOut room With the understanding that this is a Safe and Free environment for submissives! {please see rule #1}. All comments regarding the 'betterment' of a submissive, or Your own questions on the subject, are welcome.(broad warm welcoming s)

  3. While in TimeOut, Any and All discussions will be held in a Respectable and Courteous manner! Should your Master/Mistress be in the room, you must remember that you are still under Her/His charge, and should behave in an Appropriate manner.

  4. You should have Nothing to 'hide' while *here*. If you can Not speak Freely and Honestly, or your Mistress/Master does Not wish You to come here, then you should NOT be Here!(checking Each for understanding before entering)

  5. TimeOut is Not a 'bashing' room! All 'ill' thoughts and comments toward others shall be Left at the Door!(Authoritative Direct Gaze)

TimeOut is here to assist A/all in fostering more Open, Honest, and KNOWLEDGEABLE Communication within the Castle's DS Rooms..and within our lives...whether in the Virtual or RealTime world. Particularly, submissives are here to help themselves, and Each Other, enhance their understanding of the DS/SM/BD lifestyles, and the issues relevant to personal Growth and Happiness. In doing so they will also enhance their ability to Find that 'perfect' Mistress/Master, or Enrich the relationship they are presently in.

Room Monitors..or..the "Folks who say What's What"(wg):
** A brief reminder...*I* am Real and although my name Always appears in the lists, I am not always online. If I am, I respond and post. **

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