Beauty's Castle's Rules of DS Etiquette

Here are a few rules of behavior for Dominants and submissives within the confines of the Castle. They pertain to RT 'play', and as this Castle is a Virtual reality...the rules are Virtually the same!(broad ws) All inhabitants are expected to observe these rules when visiting in the Dungeon, Tower, Courtyard, Spire, and other DS/SM related rooms. Be aware that Monitors may enforce these rules. Listen to Them! Non-Dungeon areas are subject only to the general rules of respectful and civil discourse. Remember, Consensuality is The Golden Rule here!(serious gaze)

**(this does Not mean people can't disagree, argue and confront one another in a constructive manner! I Expect that! Just that 'personal attacks', 'flame wars' and deliberate attempts to disrupt a room are Not!)**

DS/SM Oriented Rooms:

    Public Rooms:

    Whips Tavern
    Rack Room
    Spire (mixed*)
    Parapet (mixed**)

    Member Rooms:

    Inner Sanctum
    Crystal Lake (mixed*)
    The Pit (mixed**)
    The Vault (mixed**)

* All 'activities' are Equally welcome here.
** All 'activities' are welcome but BDSM activity gets Preference.

Rules for Dominants:

Rules for Submissives:

For 'Watchers', Guests and Visitors to the Dungeon areas:

Remember...RT or VT be: Safe, Sane, and Consensual!

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