Beauty's Castle Official Statements - March 2006
"Attention ALL Dungeon Dwellers"

Preamble: It has come to My attention in recent weeks that there seems to be an epidemic of people with a serious loss of common sense in the Dungeon. People seem to have "forgotten" things that are a "given" and are the Basis for this Castle's very existence and in specific the Dungeon's existence.

Recently a number of people have contacted me regarding the many aspects of "discussions" and what types and topics are appropriate to the Dungeon, and even what Behavior is appropriate. I must admit that all these queries left me at a loss for words. Was the site not in English? Did I use too many "big" words"? What gave? I had thought that after all these years and all the rules, customs and protocols being posted ad nauseam that Something would have sunken into the general populace, especially with the number of "old timers" returning. But apparently not. 

It is My intent here, to give you all bit of My Wisdom and some clarifying (hopefully) points regarding the Dungeon and its purpose and use here at Beauty's Castle. To that end, what follows is a list of points and clarifications that I feel would serve you All well to read and Understand. The Monitors have already been "grilled" recently on much of it and so should be up to speed on things by the time everyone else reads this. Of course much of it should appear to be redundant to those who Do understand how and what the Dungeon is all about.

First, an excerpt from the Dungeon's Customs and Protocols, and perhaps the Most Important statement on that page:

"This room is Dedicated to the BDSM Lifestyle and with those small exceptions (i.e. "Fanciful Characters and the occasional feats of 'torture' only possible in a Virtual realm") all are expected to stay within the overall theme of the room. And just as would happen in any RT Dungeon, those people who can not, and do not, abide by the expected customs and protocols will be promptly removed from the room."

Someone asked the other day, "Who determines what is BDSM and what is not?" Well, when you are in the chat, it would be... no, Not Me. I have already laid out the rules and guidelines and expect people who chat here to be able to follow them as they are stated. Nor do we (Administration) "Watch" everything like some "big brother" type. The correct answer is.. the MONITORS! (surprise! surprise!)(rueful s) That is Why they are Dungeon Monitors! It is their Job to distinguish between what IS and is NOT BDSM in nature and thereby keep people true to the Theme of the Room. Some of you are squirming now saying to yourselves, "But all BDSM is not the same! How will they know?" They Will Know. It is their Job to Know. True, we do NOT DISCRIMINATE between "FLAVORS" or "STYLES" of BDSM  but we certainly DO know the difference between what IS and is NOT BDSM at a basic level. And I think that is true for ANYONE who has even a smidgen of common sense and a real interest in BDSM, either as a Lifestyle, Bedroom game, or something in between. Anyone who doesn't meet that last criteria is simply not wanted in the room. Read the statement from the protocols at the top again. ANYTHING ELSE that doesn't fit to the theme Belongs Elsewhere. Simple. 

Having said this;

1) Topics for discussion must be CLEARLY BDSM orientated. Again, if you have to ask what that means you are in the wrong place to start with (serious look). A good rule of thumb for "appropriate" discussions in the Dungeon would be: If it COULD be taking place in the Pub/Square or any other non-Dungeon room then it does Not belong in the Dungeon. Simple enough. Conversely, if it Would get you kicked out of a "vanilla" or non-BDSM room then chances are it may be appropriate for the Dungeon (obviously that is not the only criteria). Anything less is diluting the theme of the room and subject to a Monitor's intervention. If you find yourself bridling at that prospect, either 'get with the program' or leave. None of us here, Monitors or Administration, have the time or inclination to hash out things that we have long ago settled and which fall under the realm of "common sense," with people too lazy, ignorant ,or self absorbed to bother reading and figuring it out on their own. When you "get a clue" come back, but not before.

Further, no ONE discussion has precedence over another (assuming they are all on topic) and if people don't like One they can start Another. There is no one "approved" discussion nor is there a limit to the number of concurrent discussions. Also, while we welcome proper discussions here, we don't want "lectures" by any self appointed "leaders". ALL are equal here and hold no special authority unless they are part of Castle Administration or have been designated as an Official Group or Discussion leader. Further, If people Do want to have "regular" discussions then they need to be held in a specific room - NOT the Dungeon. The Dungeon IS a MELTING POT. It is a place where all these things, spur of the moment discussion, chit-chat, scenes, and instruction happen simultaneously. We will not let it become so narrow in focus that it becomes a place for only one function. If in fact people feel a craving for lots of discussion in particular, then it should be a) taken to the Lifestyle or other appropriate Forum, b) brought up in one of the four currently scheduled weekly discussion groups, c) brought up in a new weekly discussion group, or d) held regularly in one of the Dungeon's ancillary rooms like the Tower, Parapet, Spire, etc. There are many options.

2) The Dungeon is to be a place that should promote an atmosphere that is "Welcoming" if not encouraging to BDSM Scening. Scening is an expected part of Life in the Castle's Dungeon and any activities that create an adverse environment or otherwise cause people to feel uncomfortable doing so should be avoided and discouraged. We hope that people will let their imaginations run free and indulge in magnificent and descriptive scenes that inspire the participants as well as the watchers. Remember people, the Brain is the organ that arouses us all, not those "other bits" which just indicate what we are thinking (weg).

3) For those interested in just "cyber sex" head up the stairs to the Hot Tub, Bedroom, Penthouse or Spa, to name a few (not Club Soda!). All of these permit cybering. But if it takes place in any of the BDSM rooms it MUST be BDSM in nature, content and intent. And you had better believe a Monitor may say something, if it is unclear from simply watching what is going on. It is their Job to do so. Some may think, "But what if the participants were told to do something by a Dominant? How would a Monitor know that?" Well, they wouldn't would they? Not unless the Dominant made a public statement about it. But a Monitor doesn't Need to know either. Nor are they supposed to take "unseen" things into consideration, except where there may be harassment or foul play of some sort and they have been requested to intervene. The room has rules and Monitors police what goes on in it in Public and that is what they Act on, Not the "what ifs" of some unseen happenings in private. It doesn't matter if, "God told me to do it!", whatever Anyone does in the Dungeon it MUST be BDSM in nature otherwise it is  in Violation of the rules! Think people! 

Anyone who finds they are 'whining' to themselves about these words as they read should consider another room if not another chat site. The Castle is for INTELLIGENT (smart enough to read and write legibly if not WELL, and capable of Adult Communication of the 12th grade level or above), OPEN MINDED (doesn't mean politically correct or a doormat, just NOT bigoted, racist, or discriminatory), ADULTS (Of Legal Adult age and HOPEFULLY with a matching Mature Mind). 

Summary: Nothing much has changed here at Beauty's Castle. Our Rules & Laws & Customs remain as they have for most all of Beauty's Castle's existence. We are not a "Welcome Everyone, We will gladly bend to your desires" chat site. Quite the opposite. We are an "IF you meet OUR Requirements of being an Intelligent, Open-Minded Mature Adult who Can and Does Read and follow Our Rules, then Welcome!" site. Beauty's Castle does Not condone or support individual ignorance of our Stated & Implied Rules & Customs.

Special Note: For those who will inevitably whine and complain saying"You are chasing people away with your rules!" we say this; If all of this means that we end up with only Two people in the Dungeon that actually "cop a clue", then HOORAY for those two!!!! THEY are Why we are Here! 


Mistress Beauty & Beauty's Castle Administration

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