Submissive Group Meeting December 2005

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Sun 09:48:42 AM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . don't foreget ~~~~~~~~~ Submissive Support Group the Tower at 3p.m. Castle time today!

Hope to see you all here!

Sun 02:47:11 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . ~*~enters to lay out refreshments because..well..she is a submissive..and great hostess to boot.....! ~grins..~*~~~making sure lemonade and tea are easily accessed as well as some brownies~*~~

Sun 02:48:18 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . The following are the Rules of Conduct...hopefully helpful in giving a glimpse into how our meetings will go....smoothly and with everyone feeling as if these meetings are something to look forward to and enjoy...~warm smile~

Sun 02:48:59 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . .
Forum Rules and Rules of Conduct

This is a forum for submissives. Dominants and S/switches may OBSERVE only, as the same courtesy will be extended by submissives during Ttheir forums.

Courtesy is expected of All guests here, at All times.
We expect you to maintain an air of civility when posting in the room. Remember that everyone may have an opinion but that does not necessarily make them an Asshole if they disagree with you. Disagreeing AGREEABLY is the goal for any conflicts of opinion that occur.

Sun 02:49:06 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . .
This is not an opportunity to air personal grievances, or indeed Dominant/ Sswitch bash. It IS however, a chance to discuss issues pertinent to being submissive and to learn and share.

Please, however strongly you may feel about a particular topic, try not to domineer the room with your views. We can learn much by LISTENING to others, digesting thoughts and then commenting.
If the current topic is of no interest to you then we respectfully request that you do not post negative commentary or attempt to disrupt. To do so will result in you being asked by the Monitor present to leave for the duration of the discussion.

Sun 02:49:19 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . .
In the event of a Guest Speaker being present then the structure of the latter will apply, and will be subject to further modification as necessary to accommodate.

The standard customs and protocols of the Room, with the addition of the above, stand as laid out by Mistress Beauty.

Sun 02:52:43 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . .
~settles into her chair..and waits the ten minutes before we begin~

Sun 02:57:02 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . . *looking in*

Sun 02:57:05 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~slips in and takes a seat next to the wall~

hello spellbound ~ss~

Sun 02:57:20 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . ~beams~ oh i am so glad to see you miss succubus!?

Sun 02:57:35 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . and miss surrender..thank you so much for coming..g'afternoon..~*warm smile*~

Sun 02:57:36 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~just does not do that color in here and quickly changes shirts~

Sun 02:57:55 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~slips in..reading the rules and such~

Sun 02:58:04 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . .

Hello spell *ws*

Hello surrender 'ss*

Sun 02:58:40 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . .

pst spell .. am i even supposed to be here - i mean not being sub, but Sswitch?

Sun 02:58:49 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . i'm glad you could make it succubus....~ss~

angel~bell..welcome..~*warm smile*~

Sun 02:59:24 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . hello succubus ~ws~

hey turtle.. glad to see you.. and your ink stain ~W~

Sun 02:59:56 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . hey succubus..~smiles warm~



..wonders if I'm the only one that the background hurts their eyes..blinks a few adjust the eyes~

Sun 02:59:59 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . .

Hello turtle *ss*

Sun 03:00:12 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *strolls in and settles...smiling*

hello miss spellie..*ss*
hey succubus..*ss*
*winks at surrender and has a read of the rules*

Sun 03:00:17 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~snorts at surrender~ shhh..don't tell everyone. ~giggling~

Sun 03:00:31 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . hello lulabelle..~smiles~

Sun 03:00:33 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . .

awfully bright when you're used to lurking in darker areas turtle?? 'w*

Sun 03:01:11 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~winks to lulu and then to turtle~

okay.. won't...

soooooooo... what's the topic?

Sun 03:01:21 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~nodding to succubus~ It really is..

Sun 03:01:50 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . .

Hello lulabelle *ss*

Sun 03:01:51 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . start........~*smiles*~ first..thank you for coming.......i think after the holidays we might have a few more join us...

i just wanted to say i'm looking forward to these meetings a great deal..and to hearing the thoughts of each and every person who joins in..~ss~

As you can see by the rules of conduct..anything less than respect is not going to be okay from anyone..including if you ever feel i'm off the cuff..please don't hesitate to approach me in red on my behaviour...~ws~

Sun 03:02:06 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *grins to turtlette* hello..

Sun 03:02:24 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~nodding, listening to spellbound~

Sun 03:02:25 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . welcome lulabelle..i'm happy to see you here ~*warm smile*~

Sun 03:02:36 PM EST Dec 18 yellowbird . . . stops at the door

Sun 03:02:57 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *smiles..listening to spellie*?

Sun 03:02:59 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . come in birdy~blue..please..~ss~...

Sun 03:03:04 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . hey pretty bird..come on in, hon. ~smiles~

Sun 03:03:29 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . .

hey tweety *ss*

Sun 03:03:44 PM EST Dec 18 yellowbird . . . steps in ands sits close to the door...

Sun 03:03:49 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~leans back to listen~

Sun 03:04:14 PM EST Dec 18 yellowbird . . . hi miss spellie......

smiles to miss turtlette

hi miss usccubus

Sun 03:04:15 PM EST Dec 18 ~friskybratcorkie~ . . . *wanders in and sits with turtlette*

Sun 03:04:43 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . okay..first let me go ahead and post a list of future meeting dates...i think i'm going to make a webpage for the rules and the dates...along with topics we decide on so that we can access it at anytime....

Sun 03:05:03 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~grins at corkie..rests my head to her shoulder~ hey baby

Sun 03:05:06 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *warm smiles to friskybratcorkie* you mind a shortening of your name?

Sun 03:05:21 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . hey corkie..welcome ~*warm smile*~ are the dates..if you want to keep them handy

Submissive Support Group Meeting
Dec 18th
Jan 15th
Feb 12th
March 12th
April 16th
May 14th
June 18th
July 16th
Aug 13th
Sept 17
Oct 15th
Nov 12th
Dec 10th

Sun 03:06:48 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~knows corkie and I won't be at the next one..smiles~

Sun 03:07:33 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . And i decided against a topic right off the bat..i'd like to actually list some things i came up with as potential topics...hear your reactions to them....and hear your own ideas for topics of discussion...the main thing i want to accomplish through our that every submissive feels we approached something that feels especially important to him or her....something you can all share in, reflect on, contribute to..etc..

Sun 03:08:57 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . . *Tries to figure out if all the dates are 3rd sundays of each month - as a rule of thumb - and wether the time wil always be the same*

Sun 03:09:30 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . can call her corkie..~smiles~..I'm answering for her..because I think she got snatched away..

Sun 03:10:05 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . ~smiles to angel~bell..~

so..if anything perks your interest or doesn't seem great...or you have suggestions..please............speak's the only way i can really make sure everyone is having their needs met ~soft smile~

1. What is your idea of good D/s foreplay? D/s foreplay, mind you! Not the nibble lick nibble smoochy stuff.

2. How do you ritualize power exchange? Is ritual behaviour important to your relationship? How do you think ritual behaviour enhances or detracts from D/s?

3. What is your favorite mental (mind clit) stimulation?
If you had to live with either mental stimulation or physical stimulation without the other, which would you choose?

Sun 03:10:35 PM EST Dec 18 ~friskybratcorkie~ . . . *comes back in*.sorry

Sun 03:10:52 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *chuckles and grins at turtlette* corkie it is then..

*looks to spellie* sounds a good idea..*nods*

Sun 03:11:13 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . barring any r/t interruptions..they will be miss succubus..~ss~

Sun 03:11:20 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~listening..thinking..~

Sun 03:11:47 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~giggling at corkie~ welcome back, hon

~winks at lulabelle~

Sun 03:11:56 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . thank you lulabelle..there's quite a bit more ~sl~
and my formatting seems to be off from there to bare with me..

4. A "no" might mean "I am a very reluctant submissive today". Only serious psychological problems or a medical condition can turn a "no" into a "no"
Meaning if he/she wants you to do it, you're going to end up doing it.). Your thoughts -agreements/disagreements on this? Let's talk about 'hidden meanings' in the things we say in conjunction with what 'we' feel it really means? Beyond illness and psychological issues - should a submissive be able to say no? How have you and your domimant (or past dominants) handled the issue of 'no' in your

Sun 03:12:02 PM EST Dec 18 yellowbird . . . quietly observing

Sun 03:13:14 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . 5. Is D/s a role play for you? If so, how far are you willing to go within the 'role' ? If D/s is some deep-seated need that you have, does it make it harder for you to understand that some people seek only the fun of the 'bedroom D/s'?

6. Should a submissive hold the ultimate power in a D/s relationship or scene? Why? Do you feel this goes against the idea of submitting all? (Aside from prerecognized limits). Why?

7. We often see how some dominants started their journeys by being trained submissives, do you feel like submissives could gain insight to a better understanding of what their dominant experieces by spending some time in the dominant position? (Even if, you are totally submissiveand have never even entertained the idea of topping/dominating).

8. What things build your confidence as a submissive? What things do the opposite? Has there been a time with a dominant, where in the outcome of his/her behaviour towards you, you felt broken rather than uplifted? Did you discuss the situation, or did you decide to keep it to yourself? In either situation, how were you effected in the long term by the occurence?

(pauses for reactions..thoughts..suggestions..or just time
to read)

Sun 03:13:16 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~likes the 4th one..a lot~

Sun 03:13:56 PM EST Dec 18 honor . . . *steps in.. late, but here*

Sun 03:14:12 PM EST Dec 18 honor . . . ack *changes

Sun 03:14:39 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . . hello honor *ss*

Sun 03:14:52 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~likes number 8 as well..~

Sun 03:15:03 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . hello honor..~smiles..hugs~

Sun 03:15:07 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . awesome..~*smiles to angel~bell*~ thank you..i'll mark that one down with a star then...

Sun 03:15:45 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . oh..and 8...i liked that one too....~marks it..~ thank you..for letting me know..

hi honor..welcome.......~warm smile~

Sun 03:15:50 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~reads~

What about ways to "help" new submissives? we always seem to "think that everyone that enters this realm knows why they are here.. BUt in reality.. some have only an "inkling" af curiosity and wants to learn more..

As submissives should we be the ones to help... other than dropping links? BUT not saying.. do it this way or that way.. watch this but not that?

Sun 03:15:51 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~grins at spellbound~ well..I mean..just my personal preferences..but they're all good.

Sun 03:16:29 PM EST Dec 18 yellowbird . . . well ... moves from the seat ...soft voice...have a nice meeting ya'll...?

Sun 03:16:45 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . I like that idea do we help them..~nodding~

Sun 03:17:31 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . oh i think that's an awesome topic surrender..~*writes it down*~...that could tie in with..also discussing what is the difference between bottoming and submission...and discussing why there is such a stigma it seems..on those..who are only here for 'the fun of it'..rather than an indepth relationship...

Sun 03:18:01 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . thank you for coming birdy~blue ~ss~

Sun 03:18:03 PM EST Dec 18 ~friskybratcorkie~ . . . *just listens*

Sun 03:18:20 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~nodding..~ I like the ideas...~forgot what more I was going to say..laughs~

Sun 03:18:41 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~wraps an arm around my girl..pulling her close against me..~

Sun 03:19:01 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . ~grins to angel bell~ there are about four me...let me format them..and we can get that over with and just continuing discussing ideas..

Sun 03:19:11 PM EST Dec 18 honor . . . good idea surrender.. i'm always up for answering questions, but a new submissive might not know the questions to ask

Sun 03:19:50 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . . safe passage birdie

Sun 03:20:35 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . alright..~grins~

Sun 03:21:32 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *quietly* this is perhaps a topic more for learning than discussion- but how about also leaning more towards the formal real life situations- signals, gestures from Dominants that may be seen...not just a restriction to vt relationships?

Sun 03:22:02 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . Do you think... maybe we should focus only.. on submissiveness.. and not involve Dominants?

seeing how this is more of a forum that will help submissives??

Sun 03:22:28 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . 9. As a submissive, how would handle a situation where
you see the ill-treatment of another submissive by a dominant? Or would you not speak up at all? Should there be an unwritten understanding between submissives whereby we look after each other? Even as little as after a scene to ask the submissive privately 'are you okay?' Would it be worth it, to perform this type of 'checkup' if the other submissives reacts with indignation or offense at your questioning?

10.Have you ever used your position to punish your dominant? How so? Did it solve anything in the long term?

11. In regards to V/t, how do those of you in long distrance relationships build 'real' in-depth D/s relationships? Have you ever recieved instructions and not carried them out in truth, because you know your dominant would never know?
How does this effect your relationship? How does it stifle growth, or did you feel it really had no effect on your feelings as a submissive or towards your relationship? Do you honestly give 100% to a relationship that exists mainly
through written words and for luckier ones, phone calls? Would you be ready to make the move to r/t today? And if you already have, did you find you weren't prepared? What had to happen for it to gel?

12. What do you do to relieve boredom in D/s? What suggestions could you offer to other submissives who might find themselves in a slump?

13. What has been the greatest hurdle of submission for you to overcome? How did or how are you doing it? What top three bits of advice would you offer to a 'new' submissive?

14. Do you feel that domin
Post exceeded maximum post size

Sun 03:22:37 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . . *listening*

Sun 03:22:52 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . 15. Do you feel sometimes that dominants forget that submissives might not always feel absolutely ready to do their bidding? Have you ever felt you had your submission taken advantage of by a dominant? If so, what was the situation and what did you do to in response to your feelings? Were you able to explain your feelings to the dominant?

16. Have you ever felt that if you were not completely submissive at all times, perhaps not wanting to go through with an assigned task, that you had failed yourself as a submissive? Failed your dominant?

Sun 03:23:57 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . i'm not trying to discuss just 'dominants' miss surrender..but i think it comes into play..that alot of what we experience..correlates to the fact we are involved with dominants in our lifestyle...

Sun 03:24:22 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~grins..likes 9 and 11...snickering at 11..~

Sun 03:24:57 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . and lulabelle i think that's a fabulous discussion you just mentioned...could go along with the ritual behaviour..including signals and such we are taught to recognize...and definitely i hope that r/t experiences are included right along with v/t ones..i think that could be a benefit for many ~ss~

Sun 03:25:25 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~and likes 15 and 16~

Sun 03:25:37 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . i think.. the focus is on submissives, behavior.. helping each other...?

Sun 03:26:09 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . ~laughs about 11~..yeah..i've always wondered if people 'really' do ...'do'...or just say they do..

Sun 03:27:03 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~grins at spellbound..knowing well..what I do..or.....don'

Sun 03:27:48 PM EST Dec 18 ~friskybratcorkie~ . . . *smiles at the 11*..

Sun 03:28:15 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . the focus is on submissives miss surrender..~ss~ completely...i don't think there is anything 'about' dominants.....but i think it's a good idea to discuss how dominants effect we learn from then..react to it shades who and what we are.....and that..i think a lot of the time..sharing experiences..thoughts...will be a help to other submissives..

but i'll work on rewording anything that might sound like the topic is 'about' dominants..instead of how the topic effects submissives..~ss~

Sun 03:31:49 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~nods and leans back to listen~

Sun 03:32:39 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . so that's all the ideas i'd written down..some of them..especially in the beginning are offshoots of each in one meeting..we could probably easily cover two or three things......and i really love all of your ideas..i'm so glad you made suggestions...i think also..we are going to try schedule a 'like' topic for all the meetings that particular month..and then in Time Out..discuss it all together....might be rather neat..

Sun 03:33:05 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . ~slips in.....towards the back of the room.....thinking it could take an hour to catch up~

Sun 03:33:23 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . That sounds cool, spellbound..~smiles~

Sun 03:33:47 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~grins at calysta..~ nah..not that long.

Sun 03:34:17 PM EST Dec 18 ~friskybratcorkie~ . . . *smiles*..hey there pretty calysta..

Sun 03:34:25 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . *winks to turtlette....smiling warmly*

Sun 03:34:45 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . hey there corkie...*smiles*

Sun 03:34:57 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . hi calysta..never too late lovely ~warm smile~ and i've saving the entire thing..for any who miss it..and would like to see it later..

Sun 03:35:49 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . *chuckles* you tell me, miss spellbound.....~warm smile~

Sun 03:36:30 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . calysta ...did you have specific ideas on something you'd like to see as a discussion at some point? ~ss~

Sun 03:37:02 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~laughs soft..listening~

Sun 03:37:03 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . ~grins to her~

Sun 03:37:36 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . nothing specific.....looking over your list it seems a great place to begin...thank you for asking...~smiles~

Sun 03:38:02 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~nudges corkie~

Sun 03:38:41 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . of course miss calysta..~ss~.....and thank you..i think everyone has contributed some really great ideas..

Sun 03:39:48 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . angel~bell...what topic most strikes you...?

Sun 03:40:10 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . hello calysta *smiles warmly*

Sun 03:41:30 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . hello, lulu.......~bright smile~.....pleasure to see you here....very good topic idea.......*nods*

Sun 03:42:21 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~eyes wide~ umm..I like the ones you posted..really..and the ones I specifically said..I like...~thinking~..9 and 11 are probably my fave's that you posted..~snarky~

Sun 03:43:21 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . *interested in turtlette's answer of 11*.....*grins*

Sun 03:43:37 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . I like the kind of topics..that aren't..common sensical type things..but that are more opinion based..(yes, those are more controversial..but I think a lot can be learned from other's opinions)

Sun 03:43:59 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~wiggles brows at calysta~ wouldn't you like to know.. ~winks~

Sun 03:44:12 PM EST Dec 18 ~friskybratcorkie~ . . . *grins cause i know some*

Sun 03:44:19 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . cool...i think a couple of you remarked on that one...maybe i'll tag that one for a our first full fledged meeting of the minds..~s~

i'm going to try and find a guest speak before the end of year too..i thought that could be pretty cool...

Sun 03:44:49 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~smiles at corkie..pressing a finger to her lips~ shh..don't tell on me.?

Sun 03:45:26 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . actually angel~bell..i like the ones where we share opinions and experiences the most too...i think we all could learn from each other in a great way..

Sun 03:45:41 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *softly* this may be a little off bat...but thinking on the ways to help new submissives...rather than throwing a load of links at them...perhaps we could...between us all, develop a sort of "guide book" like a for submissives by submissives thing...with extra links attached to it...something that they can add to their favourites list and not have a gazillion links to plough could be offered along with a "please feel free to talk to any of us" ...just a thought...

Sun 03:46:00 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . oh okay..~nods to the lil' birdy in my ear~ February then..would hate to miss your answers..~chuckles~

Sun 03:46:15 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~reads back to see some of the topics~

Sun 03:46:36 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~nodding to spellbound..~ It's not so..cut and that.

Sun 03:47:05 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . hm...that's interesting miss lulabelle..something like maybe a webpage?...we all share our thoughts..bits of advice..etc..and then make sure they know they can speak to us about anything at any time?

Sun 03:47:14 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . very good, lulu.........*nods* is very overwhelming at first....

Sun 03:47:30 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~listens to lulu and smiles~

or how about just being more open.. and not so.. negative to new comers

Sun 03:48:26 PM EST Dec 18 lulabelle . . . *nods to surrender as i send her the topic list*

yes- definitely be open...but just a little something extra- a kinda care package...

Sun 03:49:07 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . ah...or a blog..~smiles to one in shadows~...that could be an awesome we all share the password to..and can add to at anytime?...

and yes..~smiles to miss surrender~..i think positivity goes a long way....especially to make some new..feeling welcome..

Sun 03:50:27 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . .

*suggests* i've ssen webpages kinda liek that - many of them also included transcripst of past meetings - for those unable to attend

Sun 03:50:31 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . why... does it have to be secretive??

Sun 03:51:51 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . There are forums here in the Castle.. for submissives...

Just a thought, BUT why not use what we have available?

Sun 03:52:42 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . why does what have to be secretive?.....the blog idea? i suggested we could all share the same password..that way..everyone would have access......for ideas and thoughts and such......where..we could direct a new submissive..along with being positive mentors to him or

Sun 03:53:37 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . miss succubus..i'm totally going to do that....with the them..and archive them....i think Beauty might have something like that in mind? i'm not real sure..but if not..i think i we can all have access to them..

Sun 03:53:52 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . and to each other, miss spellbound.....~smiles~

Sun 03:54:05 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . as far as the forums...aren't those only for citizens?

Sun 03:54:17 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . exactly miss calysta ~ss~

Sun 03:55:18 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . why not make the blog public then? for others to see.. because out there in the wide wide world.. others who are not in our castle.. might come in.. exchange idea's... and give some new insights...?

Sun 03:56:00 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . not sure.. but i can check on it..?

Sun 03:57:00 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . are there any posts on the forum?...i have to admit i never knew it was there till now.......

Sun 03:57:03 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . it would be public surrender..

the password would be for make posts on the blog..

Sun 03:57:45 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . okay..

Sun 03:59:23 PM EST Dec 18 succubus . . . *rather sure it's members only - at least as far as posting goes*

Sun 03:59:44 PM EST Dec 18 surrender . . . ~waves to imogene~

Sun 04:00:09 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~listening~

Sun 04:00:28 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . .'s about that time.....i'm going to go ahead and official end the meeting..but please feel free to stay and chat if you like ~soft smile~..

i wish again to thank you all for coming..and hope very much to see you again at the next meeting........i'm going to work very hard to make sure each meeting is something we can all leave feeling like we were heard..respected..and valued...

if after today you have any further ideas..topics..thoughts..please feel free to let me know....i very much want input...~s~

Sun 04:01:16 PM EST Dec 18 ~ turtlette ~ {p-SJ} . . . ~smiles~ thanks spellbound..

Sun 04:02:26 PM EST Dec 18 calysta . . . thank you, miss spellbound....~soft did a wonderful job of preparing....leaving much to think about....

Sun 04:03:14 PM EST Dec 18 *~spellbound~*MK*~ . . . thank you angel~bell....and miss calysta..thank you very much ~ss~


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