Secret Santa Gift Exchange 2004

The Rules:

Beauty's Castle Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Have you ever heard of a Secret Santa?
  It is someone who surprises you by leaving you a gift

So how do we do this in the land of vt ??

Well, you start by signing up at events@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM.  Send us an email asking to take part and you will receive an email in return, with the name of a Castle person for which YOU will be their Secret Santa.  They will not know who selected their name.  In turn someone else in the Castle will be given *your* name, and no .. you will have no idea who that person is.

Easy so far ... now the shopping part begins.  Just grab your 'surf board' and search the internet for what you think would be the perfect gift for the person whose name you were sent. 

As the event draws closer you will be sent another email with the name of a private room and the password.  At that time you may leave the gift under the tree by posting the url/s along with who it is for.

Feel free to be as creative as you like ... web pages you put together yourself make Wonderful gifts too!  It could be a story.. or a poem .. you are only limited by your imagination (eyes sparkling).

Important ... in order to participate the deadline for signing up is midnight Dec 17th, Beauty's Castle time.  You will receive the first email with the name of the person you selected on or before Dec 19th. The room to leave your gift in will be open December 19th thru December 25th. After that date you can find the results posted in the Castle's Archives. You can stop in anytime that week and leave the gift you brought and pick up the one left for YOU!!

**** Happy Holidays ****

Feel free to direct all questions and comments to events@beautyscastle.comNOSPAM

The Gift Exchange:

Sat 06:45:26 PM EST Dec 18 karianne`s Secret Santa . . . leaves todays lil gift:

Sat 07:01:23 PM EST Dec 18 Secretsantafor bubbles . . . bubbles likes the sparkling things
fancy shoes and diamond rings

Sat 07:04:07 PM EST Dec 18 Secretsantafor bubbles . . . all dressed up to get her fella
bubbles looks like Cinderella
going to the ball at night
won't she be a lovely sight??

Sat 07:06:36 PM EST Dec 18 Secretsantafor bubbles . . . bubbles can be naughty or nice
beneath her ballgown, a little spice

Sat 07:08:06 PM EST Dec 18 Secretsantafor bubbles . . . bubbles will be the belle of the ball
wearing this bling should help enthrall.

Sat 07:08:44 PM EST Dec 18 Secretsantafor bubbles . . . bubbles, I hope you enjoyed your gifts
because you are special, you deserve them all
if I could, I'd take you out
and you would be the belle of the ball.

Sat 07:34:19 PM EST Dec 18 secretsanta for Gwen2 . . .

Sun 04:10:40 PM EST Dec 19 karianne`s SecretSanta . . .

Todays lil gift of Christmas cheer for miss Karianne

Sun 07:29:16 PM EST Dec 19 karianne . . . Dear Secret Santa....just a lil note to thank you so much for my gifts....i love roses...and there is nothing nicer than an evening by a roaring fire...watching the twinkling lights on the christmas tree..

thank You....and have a Merry...Merry Christmas.!

Sun 08:46:00 PM EST Dec 19 Cougs sexy santa . . . ~saunters in with a sexy lil' sway...pulling a dolly with a big package on it...a red ribbon and great big bow adorning His NEW Humidor~

Sun 08:58:38 PM EST Dec 19 Cougs sexy santa . . . ~rolling in another dolly with the following cigars in wrapped boxes~

1) Arturo Fuente Hemingway
2) Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill
3) Cohiba Red Dot Lonsdale Grande
4) Romeo y Julieta 1875 Belicoso
5) H. Upmann Corona Imperial
6) Don Lino Havana Reserve #1
7) Maduros
8) Breton Corojo Vintage (Rosado) No. 2 Torpedo

to fill that humidor with....*grins and primps*

Sun 09:38:04 PM EST Dec 19 lone strangers secret santa . . . a lil something to help fill the pillow....

Sun 09:40:10 PM EST Dec 19 lone strangers secret santa . . . but we can't fill any old'll need a new set...

Sun 09:41:54 PM EST Dec 19 Cougs sexy santa . . . ~sets up an easel...a painting under a draped cloth...having a feeling these two ladies are talking about Coug...~winks~

Sun 09:42:52 PM EST Dec 19 lone strangers secret santa . . . and when you're done, for you'll sure have worked up an apetite...

Sun 09:43:14 PM EST Dec 19 lone strangers secret santa . . . and when you're done, for you'll sure have worked up an apetite...

Mon 12:17:57 AM EST Dec 20 darlings Secret Santa . . . steps in scratching His head HMMMMMMMMMM am no poet but with the help of My special friend her it is *S*

Mon 12:20:01 AM EST Dec 20 darlings Secret Santa . . .
Northern lights are spiking bright
Christmas is here all day and night
May you always know the love of friends
May the after glow of nights bright end
Bring you happiness and cheer
Mornings calm thoughout the year!
May this Necklace of bright flowers
Remind you of long hours
Days you wish never to end
Though christmas comes and goes
Friends stay the flow

Mon 08:56:14 AM EST Dec 20 serendipity . . . *peeks with a grin* hmmmmmmm... what to get what to get *giggles and squeaks with excitement..* i LOVE christmas!

Mon 10:04:38 AM EST Dec 20 bubbles . . . ~squeals with delight~
thank you soooo much secret santa!!!!!!!!!

~dresses up like a big girl~

Mon 10:06:00 AM EST Dec 20 dipitydossanta . . .
Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Mon 10:11:01 AM EST Dec 20 dipitydossanta . . . ~leaves dipity do a new set of wheels~

Mon 10:24:42 AM EST Dec 20 dipitydossanta . . . ~and gives her an assortment of hats and scarves to keep her warm while she putters around on her new board~

Mon 10:26:58 AM EST Dec 20 dipitydossanta . . . ~and leaves her a little treat~

Mon 10:27:05 AM EST Dec 20 dipitydossanta . . . ~and then just hugs her~

Mon 10:27:11 AM EST Dec 20 dipitydossanta . . . Merry Christmas Dippy!

Mon 11:20:04 AM EST Dec 20 Gwen2 . . . *grins as I unwrap my gift* it's gorgeous....would look perfect above my fireplace. Thank You secret santa

Mon 11:32:09 AM EST Dec 20 karianne`s Secret Santa . . .

Just a lil sweet to get Your Monday started right...not that you need anything to make you sweet,alone you are sweet enough to make my teeth ache *giggles*

Mon 12:29:47 PM EST Dec 20 Slayer`s Secret Santa . . .

Secret Santa knows that Slayer likes to party

A party toy to keep things fun

To help maintain that party atmosphere

It wouldn't be a party without the right music

Last but not least, something comfy to slip into when the party is over

Merry Christmas, Slayer...I hope you enjoy your party, and by all means, feel free to invite your own guest(s) *g*

Mon 12:46:56 PM EST Dec 20 Graces^SecretSanta . . . carries my big over loaded bag in and sets it next to the tree.Smiles a big bright smile and bends to reach into my bag pulling out the presents i broght in today.Sets one on a table so not to mess it up and a small note next to it saying Merry Christmas Grace.

Mon 12:48:05 PM EST Dec 20 Graces^SecretSanta . . . reaches and getsout another present i have i mean after all what is christmas if you dont indulge once in awhile ..

Mon 12:55:48 PM EST Dec 20 Graces^SecretSanta . . . and what girl doesnt want something to sparkle in her life ~ smiles and sets another small package under the tree..

Mon 12:59:29 PM EST Dec 20 Graces^SecretSanta . . . Merry Christmas Grace may the New Year be a blessed one for you .

Mon 01:52:37 PM EST Dec 20 Secret Santa for *rhiona* . . . My...My..MY....busy place!! Looks around and silently places a gift for rhiona under the tree. This is just a start for your Christmas/Yule season.

Mon 02:36:38 PM EST Dec 20 sugarplum sissy . . . *hmms and looks for any clues yet*

Mon 02:47:33 PM EST Dec 20 spitfires christmas fairy . . . *smiles and taps hir magic wand*
To a young miss spitfire at christmas
i bring this lucky charm,
Filled with the magic of christmas spirit
To keep her safe from harm
And if on life's road she
Should need a comforting dream
Then shake the glass and you will see
The darkness replaced by a snowy scene

Mon 02:48:08 PM EST Dec 20 spitfires christmas fairy . . . christmas charms to all others who desire too

Mon 02:49:30 PM EST Dec 20 secret santa for sissy . . . *Drags in his prezzie.... pushing it under the tree*

First a story....

I think little sissy might enjoy this story.


Mon 03:56:25 PM EST Dec 20 secret santa for sissy . . . will be back later with the rest....

Mon 04:52:03 PM EST Dec 20 lone stranger . . . LOL...Thank you very much secret I've got no excuse for not finishing off that lint pillow...LOL...and you're right, even talking about the lint pillow has been known to leave me with an appetite...LOL

Thanks again and I hope your christmas is a good one *s*

Mon 05:33:59 PM EST Dec 20 Slayer{H} . . . loves me Secret Santa *grabs all me pressies and runs off to the tub to try em all* licks pencil and makes up me party list

Mon 05:48:40 PM EST Dec 20 Secret Santa for *rhiona* . . . sneaks back in and places a large envelop under the tree.

Don't forget your brooks to just sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Mon 06:44:20 PM EST Dec 20 ~darling~ . . . runs in to see what's here for me...eyes wide with glee as i rip open the paper and reveal the pretties....quickly putting it on and holding it out on an extended hand....admiring with a brilliant, dimpled smile...and whispering softly as my eyes look around....

thank you, secret santa....thank you thank you thank you....

pursing lips and blowing a flurry of grateful kisses....

Mon 09:29:26 PM EST Dec 20 Cougs sexy santa . . . ~*walking in......and hanging this on a hanger~*

knowing there is alot more coming...

Mon 09:32:26 PM EST Dec 20 Cougs sexy santa . . . *~wishing the bestest brightest of Yule's for Coug...for tomorrow~*

Mon 11:04:53 PM EST Dec 20 erotic dreams Santa . . .

Mon 11:05:38 PM EST Dec 20 erotic dreams Santa . . . i wish you the merriest christmas and the happiest of new years. *hugs*

Mon 11:09:54 PM EST Dec 20 erotic~dream . . . *peeks...tip~toes over to it~....un-wraps it...~squeals~

i have always wanted glass for my ass!!!...whoooo hooooo

leaves hugs for my Santa...thank YOU!!...merry Christmas

Tue 01:01:33 AM EST Dec 21 spitfire{SS} . . . to spitfire"s christmas fairy/secret santa.. thank you so m uch for the lovely poem..*skoyc*.. wonders how you knew I collect *snowballs* though..* giggles* must be cause your santa eh!! thank y ou again... it is beautiful .. especially like the red hair.....*s* Merry Christmas !!

Tue 01:57:37 AM EST Dec 21 fairest ones secretsanta . . .

Tue 02:06:31 AM EST Dec 21 fairest ones secretsanta . . . I wish you a very Merry Christmas and the best in the new Year fairest one.*s*
as I leave you with a poem and a small token of the Spirit of Christmas

I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground
But its not just a penny
This little coin I've found

Found pennies come from heaven
Thats what my Grandpa told me
He said Angels toss them down
Oh how I loved that story

He said when an Angel misses you
They toss a penny down
Sometimes just to cheer you up
To make a smile out of a frown

So, dont pass by the penny
Were your feeling maybe a penny from heaven
That an Angel tossed to you..
Leaves the poem sheathed in a burnished silver frame along with the rest of your gift*s* wrapped in silver and gold paper and laid at the base of the frame..*s*

Tue 02:22:04 AM EST Dec 21 darlings Secret Santa . . . comes in and picks up all the kisses left to Me *S* as I send a wink and wishing darling and hers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays *S* and a Joyus Year ahead with Good Friends to share it with *S*

Tue 07:00:54 AM EST Dec 21 Secret Santa for Gwyneth Rose . . . *finally makes it into the room to leave her first present under the tree*

Tue 09:57:43 AM EST Dec 21 Gwyneth Rose . . . *Clapping My hands, laughing with delight* Thank you, Santa!! It's wonderful!!

Tue 11:27:13 AM EST Dec 21 karianne`s Secret Santa . . .

*tip toes in and places a goodie basket under the tree for kariaane to nibble on today*

Tue 12:58:59 PM EST Dec 21 Secret Santa for Gwyneth Rose . . . *slips back in with another pressie for the pretty Lady Rose*


Tue 05:39:06 PM EST Dec 21 karianne . . . ohhhhh thank you...secret santa!...~carefully selecting a sweet treat...mmm loves candy canes!...

Tue 11:28:28 PM EST Dec 21 *fairest~one* . . . *bright smiles as i walk in seeing my most beautiful gifts...kneeling softly i place the box in my lap and read the poem in the pretty frame...whispering to myself* Such lovely words. *Then opening the box...unashamed at tearing into the beautiful wrap...biting my lip soft with a smile spread as i lift the necklace to put it around my neck...sending a soft whisper* Thank you so much secret santa...i hope that you also have a wonderful Christmas *smiles heading out with my gifts*

Wed 01:26:56 AM EST Dec 22 darlings Secret Santa . . . comes in with another gift for darling having liked those kisses so well *S* and wounders if she has any hugs to go with them *S*

Wed 08:09:21 AM EST Dec 22 Gwyneth Rose . . . *Clapping My hands, squealing with glee* Oh, SANTA, You SHOULDN'T have!! It will be absolutely perfect on My new Dungeon!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Wed 02:26:30 PM EST Dec 22 southern stars Secrety Santa . . . *sneaking in, placing a present under the tree*

Wed 02:30:58 PM EST Dec 22 Coug . . . ohhh my...Santa sure has been nice to me, told everyone i'd been good all year, but would anyone beleive me??? *L*

ohhh Thank You Santa...*wonders if'n i gots to wait till X-mas to open em all up*..

Wed 07:32:08 PM EST Dec 22 snowstormssecretsanta . . . *slips in on silent bare feet and leaves a gold envelope wrapped in a red ribbon under the tree making sure the tag "FOR SNOWSTORM" can be clearly seen* *on opening the envelope, He will see two tickets for a paid week at La Domaine Esemar for Him and His*
((wish it could be real but it's the thought that counts!))

Wed 09:12:08 PM EST Dec 22 Cougs sexy santa . . . ~~~puuuuuuulllllls in another crate...this one heavier than all the others...leaves "real love" for Coug...this one can share His pabst blue ribbon brewski's with Him, with no back talk!~~~

marilyn monroe voice*...
and as far as i am concerned...You can open them all, Big WILD Cat...*winks and giggles*

Wed 10:13:53 PM EST Dec 22 karianne`s Secret Santa . . .

*hangs a lil something over her corner so all are sure to have an excuse to place a kiss on one so sweet*

Wed 11:16:22 PM EST Dec 22 southern*star . . . slips inm quiet as a christmas mouse and sees a present with my name on it and sits comfort amid the bows and wrapping papers and christmas carols drifting in my head .. smiles deeply as i opne it and gently brush a tear from the corner of my eye.. whispers very softly .. who ever my santa is you must know me very well.. thank you so much,, this is just what i would want to have.. sends a hug to my santa...

Thu 12:04:44 AM EST Dec 23 Trishs secret santa . . .
*Peeking in softly...making sure that One isn't around to catch me...a smile spreads as i find the room quiet.
A box in my arms...Just bigger than a shoe box...wrapped in sparkly blue paper accented with purple and darker blue swirls in the iridescent bow that's ribbons hang down the sides...right on the top. Placing it in a place in the center of the room with a little note attached:

This is for One to keep Her treasures
Whatever it is that brings Her pleasures.
Be it trinkets or jewelry, a toy or a book,
And closed with a delicate lock...
So, no other can look.

Happiest of Holidays to You Trish...may all Your dreams come true.

Thu 12:54:52 AM EST Dec 23 SNOW STORM{s} . . . steps in *S* as I see a gift for Me walking twards it eyeing the beuitful envelop and red ribbon *S* nowing My secret santa spent a great deal of time on this as I take the envelop and hold it in My hands trying to figure out how to open it with out destroying the ribbion *S* as it slides over the corner of the envelop and I open the envelope My eyes going wide at the gift *S*
thank you My secret santa blinking as I read the gift *S* dammmmmm *S* thinking how lucky this One is to have such a gift and how he will and would enjoy a week hear with His one *S*
thank you secret santa and a very merry christams to you and yours May your days be bright and your nights filed with joy *S*

Thu 11:09:58 AM EST Dec 23 southern*star . . . ~sets a special plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies and a fresh hot cup of coffee next to it, laced with cream and just enough sugar to sweeten it,for my special Santa..thank you so much for the present so wonderful and these are for you fresh made ..~ sets another plate piled hig with cookies for every one ..Merry Christmas EveryOne..Peace and Joy to All.

Thu 02:33:40 PM EST Dec 23 Trish . . . tippy toes in.... finding the package left by my secret santa, my eyes wide with childish excitement. Oh! how beautifully wrapped it is.......... carefully undoing the paper to reveal the beautiful box,,,,OH MY!!!!!!!!!what a wonderful thoughtful gift, thank you thank you thank you secret santa, i love it !!!!!!!!!

and my wish for you also is a wish for a wonderful holiday season..... *tight hugs*

Thu 05:27:13 PM EST Dec 23 Cougs sexy santa . . . ~~grunting to haul this one is a LIFETIME SUPPLY~~~

Thu 10:06:31 PM EST Dec 23 Gwen2 . . . Wondering if Coug is gonna share that one...*grins*

Fri 11:07:35 AM EST Dec 24 karianne`s Secret Santa . . .

*leaves a lil special gift since I was a bad Santa and didn't Make it in yesterday*

Fri 11:11:18 AM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . HOHOHO Merry Christmas

Fri 11:24:57 AM EST Dec 24 karianne`s Secret Santa . . . *slips this in to go with the last box*

Fri 12:34:37 PM EST Dec 24 karianne . . . ohhh wow! Secret Santa...i just love the outfit and the choker..i can't wait to put them on....maybe for Christmas morn..~hmmm?...~grins~..

again..thank You for all the lovely and thoughtful gifts You've left...

i hope You have a wonderful Christmas....and New Year...take care...and again...thank You for such generous gifts..~smiles softly...~...floating a kiss to land on Your cheek~...Have a Merry One...~

Fri 07:48:05 PM EST Dec 24 Coug . . . ohhh lifetime supply of snickers...thinks the company is going to go broke... thanky Santa... ya want one? maybe two?

Fri 08:10:04 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . *opens big red sack*

Merry Christmas Everyone is Christmas Eve and before i start making the rounds to all the good little girls and boys, i wanted to stop in Beautys Castle and wish you all a Very Merriest of Christmas's

The Secret Santas did a most excellent job with the gifts this year .. i just wanted to stop in personally and drop off a few goodies. hohoho.

Fri 08:10:50 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . *bends over with a grunt and digs around*

Lets see what have we here ... Emerald Mistress .. for Christmas i am giving you a quiet picture of Peace and serentity

Fri 08:11:28 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . *reads label*

Whore i am leaving for you the ability to be creatve as you like

Fri 08:12:00 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . lone stranger .. lone stranger? how did he get get on the nice list .. that boy is always a bit naughty ... hohoho

lone stranger ... you have been around a long time .. if you haven't found it by now .. well this is for you

Fri 08:12:49 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . Gwyneth Rose my dear dear lady .. for you i am leaving perfection for that is what you are

Fri 08:13:20 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . erotic dream ... you name says it all dear one ... for you i have a world of dreams

Fri 08:14:01 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . Gwen

*bends back over and reaches back into the sack*

the world is your oyster .. in a manner of speaking - hohoho

Fri 08:14:36 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . *burst into song*

oh my darling .. oh my darling

what have we here for you my dear

ahhh a delightful gift

Fri 08:15:08 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . Snowstorm Sir .. may all your Christmas's be white

*chuckles* ..Merry Christmas my friend

Fri 08:15:42 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . spitfire spitfire .. i know i have it here somewhere

ahhh yes here we is beautiful and some you make yourself

Fri 08:16:08 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . dear karianne ....

always keep a song in your heart

Fri 08:16:38 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . and lets see for the fairest one in the castle

stay young and remember to laugh .. and play in the snow

Fri 08:17:10 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . bubbles ... i just saw yours in my sack .. toy sack that is .. hohoho

Fri 08:17:37 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . Slayer ... *rummages* .. yes indeed here we are

as a Slayer you should score high ...

Fri 08:18:07 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . Coug my man .. didn't want to get the inside of my bag dirty so left the coal at the north pole

so for you ..

Fri 08:18:35 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . Trish fair lady... no doubt i have something here for you

quiet and peaceful days

Fri 08:19:36 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . *bends down rummages ... almost done ..reads label*

sissy ... a gift full of laughter .. hohoho

Fri 08:20:39 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . rhiona ... christmas wishes for you and yours

here we go ... observe .. it will serve you well

Happy Holidays

Fri 08:21:08 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . last but least we have serendipty and Grace

*chuckles* .. in the hopes you will be in time next year

Fri 08:24:19 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . *picks up red sack*

what have we here .. southern star your gift is still here my dear

Fri 08:24:58 PM EST Dec 24 ** Santa Claus ** . . . now i must hurry ...

Merry Christmas to ALL .. and to ALL a Goodnight

Sat 12:07:33 AM EST Dec 25 Emerald Mistress . . . *smiles* Thanks Santa, I sure could use it too...after a year I've had..LOL

Sat 01:40:21 AM EST Dec 25 erotic~dream . . . ~giggles~...*pickiing up my gift from Santa.....ohhhh how cooool!!!!!....thank You Santa.....*leaves hugs for Santa and goes to read about myself....

Sat 08:59:21 AM EST Dec 25 Gwyneth Rose . . . *Grinning, leaving a kiss on the cheek for the Man in Red..* Thank You, Santa..You've always been so good to Me..

Sat 10:45:43 AM EST Dec 25 karianne` Secret Santa . . .

Enjoy a vacation, relax, sunbath, or get naughty in anyway you desire....*winks*.. Merry Christmas pretty one..*blows an Emerald Kiss*

Sat 03:00:51 PM EST Dec 25 Secret Santa for . . . Emerald Mistress

you are truly a gem


Sat 04:16:36 PM EST Dec 25 Whores Secret Santa . . . Merry Christmas Whore, and joy and laughter in the New Year

Sat 06:50:26 PM EST Dec 25 Slayer{H} . . . *claps hands in glee* thanks Santa

Sat 08:22:48 PM EST Dec 25 karianne . . . my Secret Santa..thank You for all the joy You've brought to me ...The gifts are lovely...but the thought behind them is even greater....~smiles softly~...You are very special...sending a special Emerald kiss and hug.~...whispers again~...thank You...

Sat 08:46:02 PM EST Dec 25 Gwen2 . . . wondering who my Secret Santa is...but thanks again for a lovely gift....I'll treasure it each time I look inside

Sat 08:46:40 PM EST Dec 25 Gwen2 . . . Santa...thanks for the recipes....*greedily looks though them to see what I can make now*

Sat 09:50:06 PM EST Dec 25 Emerald Mistress . . . *warm smile* thank You to whoever was My secret Santa, that was a lovely thought..*smiles bright*

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