Beauty's Castle Election News: Spring 2005

The Spring 2005 Beauty's Castle Monitor Election will be for Two Monitor positions:
One Pub Area Monitor and One Dungeon Area Monitor.

Important Dates:

Saturday May 14th @Midnight BCT

The Final Official Candidates for Beauty's Castle Monitor are:
Pub Area Monitors
Dungeon Area Monitors
Sapphic Jewel Lady Mckenna
Hotspur {S} darling
~ lady tiffany
~ Wicked Wolf
~ ~

Saturday May 21st Election Primary!

Citizens, please remember that you are allowed one vote for EACH open Monitor Position. There are TWO open positions in this election; one Pub Area & one Dungeon Area.

The following Candidates will be on the Final Ballot, June 4th, for positions as Beauty's Castle Monitors!

Monitor Election, Primary Results*: PUB
Hotspur {S}


Remaining Candidates

Monitor Election, Primary Results*: DUNGEON
Remaining Candidates

(*Note: Approximately 21% of the Castle's Citizenship turned out to vote on May 21st. 11% of the votes submitted were invalid due to inaccurate information (we allowed for some minor errors too).

Meet the Candidates Forums*: Citizens "meet & greet" your Candidates in the Castle's Tap Room! (Candidates may choose Any 1 hour time slots they wish to hold a forum/s by sending an email to Beauty's Castle Elections. Time slots are awarded on a "First Come, First Serve" basis -chart below is for example only- . If you sign up for a time slot you MUST be there!)

"Meet the Candidates" Forum Times: (all in BCT)
Forum Time
May 27th
10pm - 11pm
June 1
Hotspur {S} 5:00pm - 6:00pm
June 2
Lady Mckenna 6:00pm - 7:00pm
June 3
darling 8:00pm - 9:00pm

(*Note: While all Candidates are encouraged to sign up for one or more Forum times, holding a Forum is not required to run for Office. It should be noted that due to time constraints and other rt factors some Candidates may not be able to arrange a convenient Forum time.)

Saturday June 4th Election Day!

Cast your Vote for Each open Monitor Position; Choose one of the three final Monitor Candidates for Each of the Two open positions (IOW: one choice for each category per Citizen) .

And the Winners ARE: Sapphic Jewel & Lady Mckenna!

Beauty's Castle Monitor Election: FINAL Results - Pub Area*:
Hotspur {S}



Beauty's Castle Monitor Election: FINAL Results - Dungeon Area *:

Newly Elected Monitors will take Office the week of June 18th**.

(*Note: This was a VERY close election! If all people had voted correctly and voted for both positions, it could have easily turned out differently. GOOD JOB ALL! Approximately 38% of the Castle's Citizenship turned out to vote on June 4th, up 9% from the Election Primary. 7% of the votes submitted were invalid due to inaccurate information (we allowed for some minor errors, but Great Job Citizens!). 19% of the Voters cast a ballot for only ONE of the Two possible Monitor positions either by dissension or error. 83% of the Castle Monitors turned out to vote)
(**Note: Winners will be contacted by Mistress Beauty to arrange an appropriate time for the Final Interview & "briefing" for Active Duty.)

All votes, per the regulations below, must be received ON the day of the Election (or Primary), by NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT BCT (Beauty's Castle Time). All Valid votes will be tallied and the results will be posted on the Monday following the election. The winner will be determined by greatest number of votes received.

Qualifications for Participation as a Voter or Monitor Candidate

Definitions & FAQ

Happy Campaigning & Voting!

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