Beauty's Castle Monitor Election 2003
Rules and Regulations

The following is meant to help people, both New & Old, understand the Rules and Regulations* governing a Beauty's Castle Monitor Election. Depending upon the general outcome and success of this election, Beauty's Castle will begin to schedule further elections, with the intention of setting up regularly scheduled Beauty's Castle Monitor elections for the different areas of Beauty's Castle.

(* The Rules & Regulations described herein are intended as a First-Time Experimental version. These Rules & Regulations will be further revised and refined based upon the overall results of this First election process.)

General Information:

The first Beauty's Castle Monitor Election will be for One Monitor position.

The Designated Main Monitoring Area will be determined by the elected Monitor's experience and preference. Once elected, the chosen Monitor will serve a Three Month Term as a Castle Monitor. At the end of three months the elected Monitor will "retire" and another election will be held for another 3 to 6 month period of service, to be determined at that time. Any Citizen who has served at least two Elected Monitor Terms will be eligible for any future "openings" as a Tenured Monitor.

Important Dates:

June 12th @Midnight BCT Candidate Registration Closes!

All prospective Monitor Candidates must Register with Beauty's Castle Administration.

The Current Official Candidates for Beauty's Castle Monitor are:
Pub Area Monitors
Dungeon Area Monitors
Multi Area Monitors
Amazonia Black Lion *jj* (Pub a/o Dungeon)
berti CitizenX Scarlet~ (Dungeon a/o Pub)
Hotspur{Lady Eleanor} ~ ~
lone stranger ~ ~
~ ~ ~

June 12th and June 13th Meet the Candidates Forums!

The Monitor Candidates will be available for Citizens to "meet & greet" in the Castle's Tap Room at the times listed below*. These are informal sessions for the Citizens to meet the prospective Monitors and ask any pertinent questions of the candidates. Candidates may answer and comment as they see fit. Remember everyone...Monitors don't Make the Rules, they Enforce them. While Candidates may not be fully aware of all the Castle's Rules, Elected Monitors WILL BE. Posted times MUST be respected! Ongoing conversations MUST be moved to an ajoining Citizen room such as the Great Hall, Spa or Penthouse.

(*Note: While Candidates are encouraged to sign up for a Forum, it is Not required, and due to time constraints all Candidates may not be able to attend one.)

"Meet the Candidates" Forum Times:
Candidate Forum Time
Thursday June 12th
Hotspur{Lady Eleanor} 4pm - 5pm
berti 7pm - 8pm
*jj* 8pm - 9pm
Amazonia 9pm - 10pm
Friday June 13th
Scarlet~ 1pm - 2pm
lone stranger 2pm - 3pm

Black Lion

8pm - 9pm
Citizen X TBA

June 14th Election Primary!

Vote for the Citizen of your choice to become a Beauty's Castle Monitor! The top THREE Citizens with the most votes will be selected for placement on the Final Ballot.

Beauty's Castle Monitor Election Primary Results*:
lone stranger

Black Lion

Remaining Candidates

(*Note: Approximately 28% of the Castle's Citizenship turned out to vote on June 14th. 6% of the votes submitted were invalid due to inaccurate information (we allowed for some minor errors too). 33% of the Castle Monitors turned out to vote - approx. 1/3)

June 28th Election Day! (This could be Anybody's Election!)

Vote for ONE of three final Monitor Candidates to become a new Beauty's Castle Monitor.

And the Winner IS: lone stranger !

Congratulations to All our Candidates for a Great Election!

Beauty's Castle Monitor Election: FINAL Results*:
lone stranger

Black Lion


(*Note: Approximately 18% of the Castle's Citizenship turned out to vote on June 28th, down 10% from the Election Primary. 3% of the votes submitted were invalid due to inaccurate information (we allowed for some minor errors). Again only 33% of the Castle Monitors turned out to vote - approx. 1/3)

All votes, per the regulations below, must be received ON the day of the Election(or Primary), by NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT BCT (Beauty's Castle Time). All Valid votes will be tallied and the results will be posted on the Monday following the election. The winner will be determined by greatest number of votes received.

Qualifications for Participation as a Voter or Monitor Candidate:

Monitor Candidates:

Must be a Citizen in "Good Standing" at the time of voting. "Good Standing" means they are not currently "removed" or on "probation". You'll Know it if you are!

Monitors should be people whom you feel will be fair & impartial in the enforcement of Beauty's Castle Laws & Customs, and who are of Honest and Trustworthy character. If you misbehave, who would You want to 'kick you out'?(wry s)

Monitor Candidates should be thoroughly Knowledgeable and/or have a vested interest in the Designated Main Monitoring Area they wish to run for. They must be completely familiar with the current themes and rules for their chosen Monitoring Area.

An Elected Monitor must be available for Chat in their Designated Main Monitoring Area for 4 out 7 days a week minimum. They should also be chosen to cover times that people feel are 'neglected'. Overlapping Hours of Duty are fine & fun, but adding another Monitor to times already fully covered, while possible, would be redundant in most cases and a potential waste of a good position. However, the people will decide.

The Winning Candidate will be Required to contact Mistress Beauty (details to be supplied to the winner) for the Final Interview and Acceptance. While any "winner" may be disqualified at this point by Mistress Beauty, it is unlikely that this will happen. To date all Monitors have passed their initial interviews.

Candidate Registration:

In order to be considered as a Valid Monitor Candidate, each prospective Monitor MUST Register with Beauty's Castle Administration. All Citizens wishing to run for a Monitorship position in this election must Register by sending an email to "" containing the following information;

a) The prospective Monitor's Main Handle.

b) Their stated, "I Accept the Nomination for Beauty's Castle Monitor."

c) The prospective Monitor's choice for Designated Main Monitoring Area AND their proposed Hours of Duty.

d) The prospective Monitor's Beauty's World ID number assigned to your account at signup.(for verification purposes)

e) The email MUST be FROM an email account ON FILE with Beauty's Castle Admin as being Associated with the BWID number listed above..(for verification purposes)

f) Registration MUST be received no later than MIDNIGHT BCT June 12th, 2003.

If any criteria are not met, the Registration will be considered INVALID.


All Registered Monitor Candidates may engage in a "campaign" for their position if they wish. This may include banners, scheduled debates, or most any type of "vote gathering" activity they wish to engage in*. If prospective candidates have home pages, pictures, or other informational pages, they may be linked to their Registered Handles above. In the end, it is the Castle's Citizenry who will decide the worthiness of our candidates.

(*Important Note: Candidates should refrain from "Campaigning" in the following Rooms: Rose Clan, Rack Room, Pagan Temple, Catherdral, Sacred Tempe, Inner Sanctum & Faery Tavern.)


Must be a Beauty's Castle Citizen at the time of voting.

Voting & Votes:

All votes will be placed via an email to "" on the day of primary or election. In order to be considered a VALID Vote, each email MUST meet the following criteria;

a) the Main Handle of the Citizen being voted on for a Monitor position AND the area they are to Monitor, if more than one.

b) Voter's Main Handle

c) Voter's Beauty's World ID Number assigned to your account at signup..(for verification purposes)

d) Email MUST be FROM an email account ON FILE with Beauty's Castle Admin as being Associated with the BWID number listed above..(for verification purposes)

f) ALL votes MUST be received ON their designated Primary Election or Main Election Day as noted above All Elections end at MIDNIGHT BCT on that same day.

If ANY criteria are NOT met, the Vote will be considered INVALID. No exceptions. Make sure you have all the above information and if not contact to get the correct information.

The Primary and Main Election results will be determined by total votes cast for each candidate.

Definitions & FAQ:

Designated Main Monitoring Area: Primary Area of the Castle for which a Monitor is responsible. EX: Pub Area rooms vs Dungeon Area rooms. While Monitors are assigned a Primary area of responsibility, they must "fill in" when Monitors for other areas are not present as their experience and abilities dictate. The current choices are:

Pub (Club Soda, Hot Tub, Bedroom, Square and related Citizen rooms)
Dungeon (The Corridors, Dungeon, Tower, Courtyard and related Citizen rooms)
GOR (The Jewel of Gleaming Thassa, The Oasis, and related rooms)
Crypt (The Castle Crypt and related gaming rooms)
Rainbow (The Rainbow Lounge, Lesbian Lounge, Boys Lounge, and related Citizen rooms)
Pagan (The Pagan Temple, Cathedral, and Sacred Temple rooms)
General (All rooms and Areas. Must meet Qualifications for All Areas)

Hours of Duty: A Beauty's Castle Monitor's Hours of Duty are the times of day (or night depending on your time zone) when a Monitor Expects & Intends that they will Most Often be in the Castle. While it is important that a Monitor try and keep a somewhat regular schedule, and also keep to their chosen times, a Monitor is welcome to be "on duty" any time. One should also note that a Monitor need not always be On Duty when in the Castle.

Final Interview and Acceptance: All prospective Castle Monitors are required to be interviewed by Mistress Beauty, who determines that Monitor's "fitness" for duty, and informs them of the other requirements and technical aspects of Being a Beauty's Castle Monitor. It is also a chance for the Monitor Candidate to "meet" Mistress Beauty and get to know each other a little better. All Monitors pledge their Allegiance to the Castle and the Mistress and are expected to perform their duties with Objectivity, Courtesy, and Honor.

Tenured Monitor: A "tenured" Monitor is a "full time" position as a Beauty's Castle Monitor, much like that of a University Professor. It requires a constant level of Commitment, Honor, and Loyalty to Beauty's Castle and its People, and Dedication to the Ideals upon which it is Founded. Those individuals who prove that they can meet and even exceed these goals through experience earned in Elected Monitor Positions will be eligible to fullfill such a post.

The above Rules & Regulations are subject to updates and changes as determined by Castle Admin as they become aware of any necessary alterations to ensure a fair and productive election process.

Happy Campaigning & Voting!

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