"Auction Gold" Trivia Contest #1


August 20th, 2006 at 8pm (Castle Time/EDT)


The Castle's Tower

The Rules:

1.   Mystress AlaskaPrincess will post a round of questions 4 minutes apart.


2.   Each participant must post their answer Only Once, within that 4 minutes.


3.    The Person with the most correct answers at the end of the round of questions will win the Trivia contest and receive 1 Gold Piece to be used in the Castle's Auction.


4.   The winner will be posted in a banner within the Castle after we have reviewed the transcript to confirm the Winner.


5.   In the event of a tie, the winning participant will be chosen by a random drawing. The Second place "tied" winner will recieve 50 Silver pieces.

 Thank You for Your interest in the contest!

We look forward to seeing you on August 20th at 8pm "Castle Time" in the Tower !

The Questions and Contest Results:



1. What is the castle motto? Where Fantasy & Reality meet

2. What month & year did Beauty's first open?

3. What month & year did Beauty's have second opening?

4. Who is the Head Dungeon Mistress?

5. How many rooms are there in the Castle excluding private rooms? .

6. Give the couple that met at Beauty's and to do this day is still living together in r/t?

7. Describe in detail Beauty's Castle logo.

8. The month & year of last Auction at Beauty's Castle?

9. What was the name of the Castle's last newspaper?

10. Name one area that is separate from the rest of the Castle?

Bonus Questions:

A) Name 5 of flags posted on the front page?

B) What is the month/year that Johnny Vegas broadcasted in Beautys ?

1. Where Fantasy & Reality meet

2. December 1995

3. June 1997

4. Mistress Beauty

5. 20 (twenty) accessible Public Rooms (does not include Citizen Areas or Private rooms) in the Castle. 21 if you count the Poet's Corner being open 2 days a month to the Public

6. Mistress Beauty & kayetie (there are others but these two have been together 10 years)

7. A woman in a white nightie dreaming of a castle

8. October 2000

9. Rose & Thorn Chronicles

10. "Gor" or "The Jewel of Gleaming Thassaa" (aka the Jewel)

Bonus Questions:

A) The flags are: Canada, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Jersey, US, Germany

B) Johnny Vegas appeared on Room 101 and first spoke about Beauty's Castle in late February 2002 and then it was repeated in early March 2002 and at several later dates.
The Winners:

Lando (1st Place)

sunshine{Dillon} (2nd Place - tied)

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