"Auction Gold" Chip-Pick-Up Contest #3


September 22nd, 2006 at 9pm (Castle Time/EDT)


The Castle's Tower

The Rules:

1.  At 9pm in the Castle's Tower MAP will go over the rules and answer any last minute questions.


2.   At 9:15pm MAP will post that She is opening the bag dropping chips on thefloor. Some will be worth coins for the auction and some won’t


3.    Everyone will have 4 minutes to pick up as many chips as they can.


4.   You may only pick up ONE chip at a time. For example, You will have to post:  “I spot a brown chip, pick it up”. You may do this until All the chips are picked up or the 4 minutes is up, whichever happens first.


5. The Winners will be determined after the transcript is reviewed. The winning handles will be posted on the Auction Bulletin Board by Auction time. You can also find MAP afterwards and ask her if you won anything.

 Thank You for Your interest in the contest!

We look forward to seeing you on September 22nd at 9pm "Castle Time" in the Tower !

The Contest Results:

~Father Rafa~

Spellbound |is| Heather

30 silvers

30 silvers

5 silvers

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