Handle: taz
Gender: Male
Age: 29-34
HOT Factor: Confident
Height: One of the Crowd
Weight: Land Lubber
Eye Color: Warm Brown
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Complexion: Tanned
Intelligence: Nobody's Fool
Wits: Blue Collar Comedy
Appearance: Handsome
Free Form Personal Statistics: So, you want to know about me?

I am 5'8", average build, i have snappy brown eyes that have a tendency to turn amber when excited or so i have been told, wanna find out? i have blondish brown hair. My body is Adorned with some tattooes and i have piercing, do you wanna know where?? You can guess or....you can watch me when i strut my stuff on the block. If you are a gambling soul, lay down some cash and...it may be, if you bet enough all Y/yours for a while *slow smile* i have had many tell me i am a brat monster but that because i love to play, tease and have fun, it is something i am very good at, as well. i also enjoy doing serves and must admit am pretty good at them..not afraid to try new and fun things as long as it doesn't cross over my limitations. i will try just about anything once and usually twice to be sure it is right of course *sly grin* so, have i piqued Y/your interest yet?

Pic or Home Page URL: http://www.angelfire.com/dragon2/tazsplace/pictures/
Your Limits: just a few limits;
no anal... i am straight
nothing tight around the neck
no animals or child play
no dressing up in womens clothing
Something we missed? nope

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