Handle: renee
Gender: Female
Age: 29-34
HOT Factor: Keeps the room warm
Height: One of the Crowd
Weight: I float!
Eye Color: Sapphire
Hair Color: Red Head
Complexion: Light
Intelligence: Played Jeopardy
Wits: Laugh a Minute
Appearance: Curvatious
Free Form Personal Statistics: renee is a fun, sincere submissive whose loyalty is legendary. She is fun to be around, with a wit that borders on smartassed (but is never disrespectful). renee enjoys a wide range of lifestyle activities and is open to Your heartâ s desire (with the hard limits of no heavy pain, no blood, no animal names, and no gags). While renee prides herself on her abiding obedience, she needs a firm hand and someone who knows when to use it.

renee will draw you in with her sparkling blue eyes and dazzling smile. The long red curls she proudly sports will be Your playground; whether You tug, pull, stroke, or tighten Your fist within this mane, You will ensure the moans of pleasure and pain You can elicit from Your new toy.

renee craves sternness, enjoys rough play, and adores bondage of any sort. Tie her, tickle her, tease her, and she will be the happy submissive You will be proud to purchase. she is alluring, seductive, and possesses a strong confident sexuality.

You might have to work to get past her initial shyness but once You do, You will be delighted to discover the wanton lil slut within. You might even have to go so far as to tame that slut. You wonâ t find reneeâ s favorite toys in a catalog; Youâ ll find them right at the end of Your arms. Touch her outside, inside, and everywhere in between, and You will touch the very soul of this vivacious submissive. her spirited compliance will make Your scene one to remember and a joy to experience.

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Your Limits: Hard limits of no heavy pain, no blood, no animal names, and no gags. Everything else is fairly negotiable....hard to define limits until you experience them...
Something we missed? Well, i prefer to be bought by a Dom, but if the bids are slow, i'd be willing to be bought by a Domme also *ss* Ohhh and you don't ask sexual orientation or preference on the page *s*

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