Mystress AlaskaPrincess

Handle: Mystress AlaskaPrincess
Gender: Female
Age: Ageless
HOT Factor: Keeps the room warm
Height: One of the Crowd
Weight: How Dare you Ask!
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Complexion: Average
Intelligence: Nobody's Fool
Wits: Gimme a drink first!
Appearance: 1 in a Million
Free Form Personal Statistics: I am Dominant, I am very kind and loving One unless you do something wrong then you will feel My wrath. Do not mistake My kindess for weakness because I am far from weak as many of Y/you know from watching Me over the years.
Pic or Home Page URL: ~NA~
Your Limits: I am going up as a Dominant not to sub to Any so unless You want to sub to Me do not bid on Me *hands on hips serious glaze*

I would not do a scene involving child play, animals, golden or brown showers. I will stay within the rules laid out by Mistress Beauty in the Dungeon unless you would like a Gorean experience then I am willing to give you that as well.

I will speak to the winner about what type of scene after the Auction is done *sparkling smile*

Something we missed? ~NA~

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