Handle: lil~sage
Gender: Female
Age: 35-40
HOT Factor: Confident
Height: Short/Petite
Weight: I can walk on Water!
Eye Color: Sapphire
Hair Color: Brunette
Complexion: Golden
Intelligence: Played Jeopardy
Wits: Have my own Barstool!
Appearance: Striking
Free Form Personal Statistics: Come one ,come All....and find the savory lil~sage at your beck and call.A quiet & humble lil treasure but beware she may just end up teaching you a lesson or three.Her gift is in her words and she can paint your dreams with golden warmth to sharp silver edged swords....Find your dubloons and raise more than a trinket for the Castle with this first time treasure to find out what everyone wonders! Let the bidding begin!!
Pic or Home Page URL: ~NA~
Your Limits: No scat,children,animals,snuff.

Im pretty balanced and can handle most things...if it's something Im not familiar with I'll speak up!

Beyond that while I am real this is in a vt scene and you paid for it so enjoy yourself~*

Something we missed? Limited to two hours ~any~ day during the upcoming week during the day....Will work with you to set up a good time for both parties so that we are not interupted.Deep smile*

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