Kiwi Boy

Handle: Kiwi Boy
Gender: Male
Age: 41-50
HOT Factor: Average
Height: Tall
Weight: How Dare you Ask!
Eye Color: They Change!
Hair Color: Silken Grey
Complexion: Average
Intelligence: Nobody's Fool
Wits: Robin Williams
Appearance: Forgettable
Free Form Personal Statistics: I believe each and every one of U/us does have a devil inside, like a coin W/we have two sides...two faces to show the world...... Most often we hide one face and only ever show one... I have set My dark side loose, the devil roams free, be warned.

I am generally pretty relaxed but My devil is a Sadist, one with scant regard for niceties.

So for this auction you gamble with the coin. toss well and you may get the good side. or perchance the darkside.

The choice is yours.....

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Your Limits: Hmm I don't do same sex games and I don't make a good sub..... other than that I will try anything once and somethings twice.
Something we missed? can't think of much..except perhaps what I am listening to.........

Alice Coopers No more mr nice guy and only women bleed are favourites....

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